Causality 2 Walkthrough

Watch the Official Causality 2 Walkthrough / Cheat :-

Level 1 – Apartment Complex

Level 2 – Church and Graveyard

Level 3 – Amusement Park

Level 4 – Cinema

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26 Responses to “Causality 2 Walkthrough”

  1. Jordan Kamikawa Says:

    L1 First Click on the stick with a broom to make him poke at it the next floor.Then click the the cup to kill him.When the stick in the tub opens the door,click on the door.When the chaniler sparks,click on the chaniler to kill the singing stick.Finally,click on the slewping stick to win.

  2. ned Says:

    thanx :)

  3. mjt742 Says:

    thx for that info

  4. Help! Says:

    there was a movie that in the fun park they wanted to have fun. In bumper cars, the stick men wanted to fight. but the movie stopped and they killed each other. the end.
    lv.1: make the bath stick talk to the girl.
    lv.2: kill the stick man who is standing from the tree. spill the apples.
    lv.3: bump the cars and do that.
    lv.4. If the movie stops, don’t kill the sticks. lol

  5. killer Says:

    how do u get passed level 2!

  6. stickman Says:

    It’s in the walkthrough

  7. poohead Says:

    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!

  8. DeadStickfigure Says:

    THAT WAS AWESOME! i luv this game LOL. its so fun and thnx (it was a little complicated)

  9. david Says:

    Help to pass the level 2. I can not watch videos

  10. Jenny Says:

    Hi!!! I am here!!!! I LOVE this game and i’m a girl!

  11. becky Says:

    how do you kill the man who works in the cinemera

  12. stickman Says:

    When he smokes if you click the projector to stop it he panics, drops the smoke to fix the projector, then he will go back into the burning room and catch on fire

  13. lLìya Nunes Coelho Says:

    Ouais,c’est facile quand on a la vidéo mais moi j’ai fait autrement,et ça a aussi marché !
    Oh well,it’s too esay when we watch the video but me I don’t do like this,another technique!

  14. bob Says:

    i cant get passed level 2 i cant watch the video!

  15. valeria Says:

    estos juegos me parece que son muy divertidos .. le doy click en todas partes para saber que hacer !! son muy entretenidos y sobre todo enfermizos :megusta:

  16. Nellysita Says:

    Me sirvio de mucho, gracias, me encanta este juego!!!!
    es muy divertido!!!!!

  17. lilou Says:

    le niveau 2 coment faut tuer les deux qui sona coter de l’abre aux pommes

  18. Adam8304 Says:

    LOVE IT!!


  19. 10jskbuilder Says:

    L2 Click on Car Antenne To raise it.Click on stick near tree to move to side.Click on Bird to poop on archer’s head and arrow will miss,hitting the fruit and killing the stick under the tree.Click on cloud on make lighting make archer move,then quickly click on 2nd cloud,causing the car to reverse and kill them both.Click on Grave

  20. 10jskbuilder Says:

    opps forgot,click on in the car first to move him.Grave wont work unless hes there and all are dead but him

  21. Kaitlyn Says:

    @david to complete level 2 here are the steps:
    1. Click the person in the car.
    2. When the person that was in the car gets to the tombstone, click the stick in front of the target.
    3. Then, when the bird is over the archer stick, click the bird and the stick that was in front of the target will die!
    4. Click one of the clouds and then the archer stick will leave.
    5. Quickly click the antenne on the car.
    7. Finally, click the tombstone.

  22. diddles Says:

    did it in 42 seconds! it@s easy!
    you click on the guy in the bath and when he opens the door you click on it to slam and he kills himself, then after the bath has overflown make the guy that’s asleep turn the tv on after you’ve got the big one to kill herself by throwing the mug!
    hope this helps x

  23. diddles Says:

    new record! 15 seconds

  24. Rid Says:

    level 3????

  25. Stickfigure God Says:

    How do you get past level 3? I MUST KNOW!!!

  26. Carlena Says:

    MUST KNOE LEVEL 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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