Causality 4 Walkthrough / Cheat

Causality 4 Walkthrough is here to help you complete what probably is the hardest Causality Game to date!

Causality 4 Level 1 Walkthrough – The Siege

Walkthrough Instructions will be posted here shortly

Causality 4 Level 2 Walkthrough – The Airport

Walkthrough Instructions will be posted here shortly

Causality 4 Level 3 Walkthrough – Shi Skitasphre

Walkthrough Instructions will be posted here shortly

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37 Responses to “Causality 4 Walkthrough / Cheat”

  1. Dawn of the dead Says:


  2. Christopherlamm1 Says:

    I beat the 3rd level but the program has a glitch and won’t move on. :0( I kicked but though, it took a few hours but I still merked all the stick licks!

  3. bob valiente Says:

    None of the walkthroughs are posted, an di will never be returning to this website or playing other casualty games

  4. yo yo yo Says:

    plz hurry

  5. luqman Says:


  6. Elizabeth Says:


  7. stickman Says:

    That’s good!

  8. srs stick death Says:

    I NEED A WALKTHROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!! This game will be the death of me!

  9. CausalityMan Says:

    man does any body know how to beat the first level i cant pass it!!!

  10. calum22 Says:

    omg, they havent left a walkthrough! im gunna check and see if they r back in a YEAR!!!!

  11. Adrian Says:

    I can’t Beat level three, can’t kill the man that pooping.

  12. Danny Says:

    for level 1: bottom archer then top (fast) top archer again, wheel on back of catapult, bottom archer, wait and click on him again. guy with sword , then guy using catapult (fast enough to crushthe sword guy under catapult, the cloud(any) then horse. by the way i NEED level 2

  13. alex Says:

    i did levle 2 but didnt get the victory sign no one saw sticks die maby got glitch

  14. stickman Says:

    Which stick?

  15. Jonas Brothers Says:

    who ever made this game is a pain in my ass

  16. lovestickcausality Says:

    col butt there’s a prob. lvl 2 i kill all the peapol but i can go to the next lvl

  17. stickkilla Says:

    HURRY UP ON THE WALKTHROUGH! There are already other sites that give the answers!

  18. ycgj Says:

    click on play and a video will pop up

  19. dassfsaf Says:

    WTF ive been waiting the the F***ing walktrough for ages hurry up!!

  20. sup Says:

    i won lvl 2 but wont let me on next lvl

  21. help Says:

    the top archer wont duck. im doing it fast

  22. BrackMan55 Says:

    Level 1
    1: click the bottom archer 1&2 must be done fast
    2: click the archer on the tower
    3: as the little “boat” stops click on the bottom archer
    4: when he gets next to the alligator click on him and the alligator will eat him
    5: click on the top archer once
    6: click on one of the wheels of the catapult(when it shoots it will slightly open the gate)
    7: click on the swordsman,as he walks toward the gate click on the guy shooting the catapult and he will get launched,once the swordsman is at the edge click on the gate and he will crushed by the gate(this must be done fast)
    8: click on a cloud to change the direction of the wind
    9: click on the top archer and he will get killed by his own arrow
    10: click on the horse
    Level 2
    1: Clich the crooked book in the book store.
    2: Click the stickman that walks over to the book.
    3: Clich the 2nd floor baggage handler as he is moving the luggage.
    4: Click the right antenna
    5: Click the 1st floor baggage handler.
    6: Click the dude in the X-ray
    7: After the pilot picks up his bag, click the baggage handler.
    8: After the cop arrests the thief, click the camera over his head.
    9: Click the wheel of the airplane
    10: When the pilot is outside, click the guy on the roof twice.

  23. thedude Says:

    i finished lvl 2, everyone was dead, no stickman saw any other dyin, but it doesnt let me go to the nxt lvl

  24. kobe Says:

    WTF!!! I cant kill da guy on da second flor right beside dat x-ray! dis is bulshit!

  25. kobe Says:

    how do i bit lvl 3

  26. James Says:

    Level 2: i think u have to beat it in a certain time. When the x-ray guy goes to move the luggage, click him fast. to make sure u hit him click a bunch.

  27. MissV Says:

    Just had to reply here since I nearly went nuts on level 2. The second floor baggage guy is INSANELY difficult to click correctly, but I figured it out. DO NOT click on the guy or the bag, instead hover over the very bottom corner of the computer screen in front of him (The silver bit on the blue stand). When he goes for the bag, click it like crazy. I’m not sure of the timing, so the best thing to do is just continuously click it as fast as you can. Once I figured this out, I could repeat it over and over again with practically no effort at all. Also, watch your timing on the rest. You need to get the first floor baggage guy moving almost immediately so he can be in doors by the time the cop grabs the thief (but make sure to set off the antenna first)

    Don’t worry about the x-ray guy. As long as the cop leaves to get the thief, he’s fried already.

    I love these games, but I do feel like some of the spots could be a tiny bit more forgiving…also, mine seems to glitch and won’t let me go on to level 3 o.0 Will reload and see if that helps.

  28. nami Says:

    love this game!! shame im not allowed to continue to the next level after the airport..some bug i guess cause i cleared the level(with a little help hehe)

  29. MrS Says:

    I went nuts too trying to get the 2nd floor baggage guy to fall down!! Thanks a ton MissV – clicking in the bottom corner of the computer does the trick!!
    Anyone able to access Stage 3??

  30. brandon Says:

    you have to bet level two in certain time period to move on to level three. i got there and i am stuck level help if you made it please thank you.(try to beat lvl 2 in 2min.and 30secs at least.)

  31. Andy Says:


  32. Kay Says:

    Even beating the second level in under 50 seconds it won’t move to the third. :/

  33. Lane Says:

    I got to 3 with no prob but cant figure it out… anyone else have any luck?

  34. Ty Says:

    Level 2 doesn’t complete in chrome, I had to use firefox

  35. niz Says:

    all the problem was with chrome!! i completed level 2 at firefox..finally :)

  36. Talia Says:

    All walk throughs I’ve seen have what’s called a “little boat ” but I can’t seem to find that so I’m not sure whetHer I’m playing a different version or what but also there’s not a bottom archer so…. HELP ME

  37. Mika Robateau Says:

    OMG, no body has an answer for me………..

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