Causality 4

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Causality 4 Walkthrough

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What do a medieval time castle, an airport and a ski lodge have in common? They are the three amazeball venues for the newly released Causality 4. Oh yes. There is a fourth! For all of you incredulous out there who thought this day would never come.. well.. It is here.
And with new eye popping graphics and sounds, same ol’ stickmen go about the screen, executing their mundane activities and waiting for your mighty god-like clicks to stir some $#!t up in that B.
In this particular release of the game, there have been animals implemented, so have fun with them, as they too count as characters.
So, show them just how omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent you can be.
Viel Spaß!

82 Responses to “Causality 4”

  1. alex Says:

    cuando lo jugare

  2. karl Says:


  3. Moana Says:

    Steps to beat Level 1 :)

    1: click the bottom archer 1&2 must be done fast
    2: click the archer on the tower
    3: as the little “boat” stops click on the bottom archer
    4: when he gets next to the alligator click on him and the alligator will eat him
    5: click on the top archer once
    6: click on one of the wheels of the catapult(when it shoots it will slightly open the gate)
    7: click on the swordsman,as he walks toward the gate click on the guy shooting the catapult and he will get launched,once the swordsman is at the edge click on the gate and he will crushed by the gate(this must be done fast)
    8: click on a cloud to change the direction of the wind
    9: click on the top archer and he will get killed by his own arrow
    10: click on the horse

    Tahhh dahhhh! lol :)

  4. Alex Says:

    I am in the UAE and it WILL NOT LET ME PLAY!!!

  5. stickman Says:

    Why on earth not? What does the page show?

  6. phillip Says:

    How do u expect us to play when it won’t let us play!!!! :(

  7. stickman Says:

    bored is having some issues, site will be back up soon..

  8. deathguy112 Says:

    LEvel 2 walkthrough 4 causality 4? anyone?

  9. causalityuborfan Says:

    lvl 2 walktrhough please?

  10. RocknRedneck19 Says:

    So many people were waiting for part 4 they crashed the site!!!! That’s Awesome!

  11. phillip Says:

    wats wrong with these people man. i waited long enough.

  12. Mirs Says:

    you got to click a lot to figure it out or ask someone who beat it

  13. Dawn of the dead Says:


  14. causalityuborfan Says:

    how do you pass level 3?

  15. Pimp Says:

    What about level 2
    Im stuck

  16. Moana Says:

    Steps to beat level 2 :)

    Level 2:
    1: Clich the crooked book in the book store.
    2: Click the stickman that walks over to the book.
    3: Clich the 2nd floor baggage handler as he is moving the luggage.
    4: Click the right antenna
    5: Click the 1st floor baggage handler.
    6: Click the dude in the X-ray
    7: After the pilot picks up his bag, click the baggage handler.
    8: After the cop arrests the thief, click the camera over his head.
    9: Click the wheel of the airplane
    10: When the pilot is outside, click the guy on the roof twice.

    There yahh gooo :)

  17. luqman Says:


  18. RocknRedneck19 Says:

    I can’t kill the damn snowboarders on lvl 3!!!

  19. luqman Says:


  20. Dawn of the dead Says:

    i can’t pass lvel 2,when i finish it it stops.

  21. danielle Says:

    why wont the cop in level 2 die when i drop the camera on him. he is like supercop or something. WHY WONT HE DIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????//

  22. me! Says:

    i can’t play it on this site and when i play it on bored it won’t let me play lvl 3. itsss noooooooooot faiiiir

  23. emma Says:

    why wont the second floor bagggage handler die in level 2 how do you kill him?????

  24. tanya Says:

    this is hard i can’t get leave 1

  25. jack Says:


  26. Jase Says:

    hey level 3 walkthrough plz come’on pleeeeeeeeeasssssssse

  27. Tango Says:

    What’s with all the glitches? I swear I killed everyone on level three and the game just keeps going. I had that same problem with level two at one point.

  28. stickman Says:

    Which Level?

  29. Person who needs helP Says:

    There’s no bottom archer on level 1 for me! What do I do!

  30. umm Says:

    how do you beat level 2?

  31. Osoba která pomáhá Says:

    1.Klikněte na panáčka vrhající šípy (DOLE)
    2.Rychle musíte kliknout na panáčka na věži!!!
    3.Až připluje jakoby loďka tak klikněte na panáčka u loďky
    4.A když bude u aligátora (a musí ještě kormidlovat)tak ho ten aligátor prostě sežere
    5.Klikněte na panáčka na věži
    6.Klikněte na levé kolo katapultu
    7.Až vystřelí tak to trochu otevře bránu (katapult)
    8.Klikněte na šermíře a on půjde k řece
    9.Rychle klikněte na chlapa odrážejícího katapult
    10.Klikněte na šermíře a jak dojde k řece tak klikněte na bránu a brána se otevře a zabije šermíře
    11.Klikněte na obláčky pro změnu směru větru
    12.Klikněte na panáčka na věži a zabije se vlastními šípy
    13.Klikněte na koně

  32. Osoba která pomáhá Says:

    teda ten čtvrtý úkol je takhle
    4.A když bude u aligátora (a musí ještě kormidlovat) tak na něj klikejte a aligátor ho prostě sežere

  33. Osoba která pomáhá Says:

    1.Click on the doll throwing arrows (Bottom)
    2.Rychle you must click on the doll on the tower!
    3.Till boat arrives if so click on the doll for boats
    4A when the alligator will (and must still steer) and keep clicking on it and it just eats alligator
    5.Click on the doll on the tower
    6.Click catapult in the left wheel
    7.Till fire so that the little gate opens (catapult)
    8.Click on the fencer, and he will go to the river
    9.Rychle click on the catapult guy reflecting
    10.Click on the fencer, and how will the river and click at the gate and the gate opens and kill fencer
    11.Click on the clouds for a change of wind direction
    12.Click on the doll on the tower and kills with his own arrows
    13.Click horse

  34. David Says:

    Yo no puedo pasar al nivel 3 pero yo veo que mato a todos los personajes en el nivel 2 y no pasa nada tal vez se me olvido algo ¡ayuda!

  35. anazjay Says:

    please make a walkthough four level 3

  36. anazjay Says:

    how to beat level 1
    click the arrow man 1;2 be fast then click arrow 2 agian
    then click arrow man 1 to he get on the boat then click agian when he is by the green thing do it fast
    click the will on the cannon then click the one with the sword when he looks in the water click the gate 2 times
    then click the cloud then click the cannon guy he hit the king then click the man on the horus then click the arrow 2 guy then he die. there you have it.good night.

  37. anazjay Says:

    I a kid in real life i not lieing

  38. Joshua Says:

    It won’t let me go passed level 2 it just stops after I kill all the people:/

  39. Me Says:

    How do you beat level 1

  40. Jason Voorhees Says:

    … ye-eah

  41. love killin stickmen Says:

    lvl 2 has a glitch i kill every one and nothing happens. >:( please fix

  42. Stephen Co Says:

    For advance…..I WISH THERE IS A CAUSALITY 5 6 7 8 9 10 UP TO 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  43. funsizedrocker Says:

    I killed everyone in level 2,but the level wont switch!

  44. me Says:

    game is full of glitches. fix em now. or else.

  45. me! Says:

    my problem is that when i kill everyone in level two nothing happens. and before you ask yes i have checked i can’t interact with it further

  46. Rafi Says:

    This game has got a glitch where if you lose level 2 enough times, neither the level complete screen nor the game over screen comes up. Fix it please. I’ll die and it will be all your fault. YOU’LL BE SUED!

  47. randomer Says:

    Steps to beat level 2

    Level 2:
    1: Clich the crooked book in the book store.
    2: Click the stickman that walks over to the book.
    3: Clich the 2nd floor baggage handler as he is moving the luggage.
    4: Click the right antenna
    5: Click the 1st floor baggage handler.
    6: Click the dude in the X-ray
    7: After the pilot picks up his bag, click the baggage handler.
    8: After the cop arrests the thief, click the camera over his head.
    9: Click the wheel of the airplane
    10: When the pilot is outside, click the guy on the roof twice.

  48. antylope007(arent i loopy) :D Says:

    yea why doesnt it load level 3?
    if u can load level 3 then u should see what site you are on and then post it cos i am on and it doesnt load level 3…
    pls leave reply when u have read this for the benefit of all viewers

  49. stickman Says:

    It does load level 3? What are you seeing on the screen after you complete level 2?

  50. angry stickwoman Says:

    After completing level 2 all I can see is all the dead stickmen that I just killed! I can’t advance to level 3!

  51. india Says:

    it wont get eaten by the croc

  52. hellpppp Says:

    i have the same problem aghghhghg

  53. дёма Says:

    не могу с катапультой справится помогите

  54. Angry Says:

    I have looked at the walk-through I have done everything I could three times over, but nothing continues to happen. Very dispointed with the game creators. Over this.

  55. sara Says:

    ojala pusierais mas casuality!!!!!!! Por favor pon mas!!!!!!!!

  56. Roger Says:

    Oh My God!!!!!!!!CAUSALITY 5!!!!!!!
    Oh J
    OH E
    Oh S
    OH U
    Oh S

  57. erik Says:

    como poe para jogar calsalidade5???????????

  58. branden Says:

    the loading is a litlle bit of long

  59. Nathan Says:


  60. Mataiasi Says:

    PLz can som1 give cheats

  61. erik Says:

    não entendi nada

  62. douglas Says:

    Causality 4 level 2 it’s going to the next level now. At least for me. Cool. It worked after I refresh the website and ofcourse I had to do level one again and then level two and it worked. :/

  63. Larae Says:

    I killed all of the people in level 2 but it wont let me move on. IM JUST STARING AT A BUNCH OF DEAD STICKMEN!

    Steps LEVEL 2:
    -Click on crooked book till man walks up to it.
    -Then click on man so he can steal it, this will make the police officer go upstairs. (U must do this so the guy in the XRAY will die)
    -Keep clicking the green suitcase until the guy on the left goes down with it.
    -Then click on the guy by the airplane to make him leave, he comes back with bags.
    -When he drops it off immediately make him leave so he wont see the cop kill the thief.
    -When the officer is in the elevator, click on the antenna on the roof.
    -The officer will throw the guy out the window and click the camera above his head and he will die.
    -Then the pilot should be outside or close to it. When he is outside by the car, keep clicking the guy on the roof until he falls off.
    - Then click the airplane to squish the last guy and u are done.

  64. George Says:

    How i beat level 3…! Please…!

  65. stickman Says:

    Try the Causality 4 Walkthrough

  66. George Says:


  67. dejan Says:


  68. mason Says:


  69. optimus Says:

    que no ablan español

  70. Some Dude named Dudeman Says:

    Hey, BIG BUG on level 2. After a number of retries/losses (normally 4), the win screen or the lose screen don’t show. You can retry, but you can’t continue the level 3. FIX IT OR I’LL SUE YOU! (just kidding, but fix it, please)

  71. stickman Says:

    Will look into it, thanks!

  72. mr.awesome Says:


  73. sam Says:

    how do u do lvl 2

  74. hmf stupid glitch Says:

    ARGH, LEVEL 2! I HATE YOUR GLITCH. I’ve gotten to level 3 once but I can’t anymore.

  75. hmf stupid glitch Says:

    And for people who don’t have this glitch, after you kill everybody NOTHING HAPPENS. That is, the level keeps going. The timer runs on, planes pass by in the sky, just as if there was somebody left alive. But you’ve done everything and killed everyone.
    Heck, I’ve gotten to level 3, so I know I did everything. And yet– nothing. I went back to the menu, did the level over again, and it’s still level 2. I can’t get back to the ski resort with the little squirrel and his acorn, with the two friend skaters, and with the lumberjack who has a pile of logs and an axe by his cabin.

  76. hmf stupid glitch Says:

    I’ll try the retry/loss thing, though.

  77. sangoya Says:

    When I kill all the stickmen in the level 2, the game don’t pas to the level 3 ! It’s weird !

  78. sam Says:


  79. sam Says:

    lvl 3
    is stupid

  80. IamXPLiCiT Says:

    stuck on the airport, everyone is dead, did it right, but it will not move on!

  81. IamXPLiCiT Says:

    finally let me past to level 3!

  82. Person Says:

    All of you idiots can’t seem to get the point! Can someone please write a walkthrough for level 3 as I can’t get the guy to fall off the ski lift and then get the other to fall of the snowboard. I don’t imagine that it is really hard but it just won’t work for me.

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