Causality 5 Preview (Official)

That’s right folks, we have been working frantically on the next installment of Causality 5. Back again is three levels of intense puzzle clicking stickman murdering fun. We’d like to give you a new sneak peak of three of the new levels in this game. Please note that these screens are taking from the game that is work in progress and might not reflect the final game.
Level 1. Stick School
Stick School

Regular day at school, with some mishaps.

Level 2. Botanical Gardens
Botanical Garden

They are opening a new expo on exotic plants, some of which include poison ivy, and a carnivorous plant. Visitors enjoy it.. till they die.

Level 3. Museum Madness
Museum Madness

Everything is history in a Museum right? or so they think!

We’ll post the release date for the game as we get closer to the completion.

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39 Responses to “Causality 5 Preview (Official)”

  1. Roger Says:

    Do you guys have a extimated time of when it’s coming out?
    P.S. first comment wohooo :D :D

  2. stickman Says:

    Before Xmas! That’s all we know at the moment.

  3. Roger Says:

    :D with this comment it doesn’t get me so “sick” for waiting as causlity 4.Thanks for answering me.

  4. alexis Says:

    Woah! Great the level 3! I like the museum!

  5. nick Says:

    i like the level 1

  6. roger Says:

    maybe i like level 2 botanical gardens

  7. nick Says:


  8. nick Says:

    i like causality 5 i cant wait

  9. nick Says:

    i think i know how to kill the guy that is near the chock board at level 1 stick school

  10. nick Says:

    do this game starts tomorrow or 3 weaks

  11. stickman Says:

    3 weaks i say

  12. nick Says:

    i like level 2 best

  13. nick Says:

    can you start the game tommorow because i love causality 5

  14. jagat Says:

    you need more stikman and lavels

  15. jagat Says:

    you need more stikman and lavels :(

  16. jagat Says:

    i love causality :)

  17. christian Says:

    i’m gonna like the school

  18. Pacman Says:

    did u know has a new game called causlity story

  19. Anne Says:

    Yipeee! I LOVE! <3
    I can't wait until the game comes out! :D
    Do you guys have any idea about when Causality 5 is coming out? ;)

  20. stickman Says:

    First few levels are done, working on the last and testing.

  21. stickman Says:

    Yup its great

  22. Anne Says:


  23. Phil Says:

    Lol, I’ll never get tired of playing these games. Looking forward to it guys.

  24. Artemis Says:

    yeah it sounds so great but i hope i dont have to use tthe walkthoughs again1 c: :3

  25. Dawn of the dead Says:

    i really hope i HAVE to use an walktrough cause cool games have to be hard am i right?

  26. stickman Says:


  27. jordan Says:

    I think there needs to be more stickman to kill the first level only hads 3 stickman

  28. Malandro Says:

    but i don’t like hard games cause i dont do nothing in it :_( IM SO DUMB

  29. stickman Says:

    There are more that’s just a preview screen.

  30. nick Says:

    how can i play it?

  31. stickman Says:

  32. nick Says:

    how can i kill the guy with a broom in level 3?

  33. roger Says:

    how can you kill the chief in level 1

  34. roger Says:

    and how can i kill the guy that is spraying and how do you kill the guy near the chock board

  35. The Guy Says:

    AWWW here it comes an walkthrough for level 1
    BOTTOM FLOOR(if you want to be easier must be done first)
    click the stick on the right then click the windows click the mouse hole.When the chef is behind the counter click the mouse hole again,when the chef is running with the knife click him.when the room is full of poison click the mouse hole.
    TOP FLOOR(if you want to be harder do this first)
    click the bathroom door then click the gas can under the sink when the couple start smoking click the teacher when he’s under the light click the one of the bell’s in the scenary then when the students in the classroom try to breach the room click the fan.

  36. The Guy Says:

    wow nobody even said a “thanks The Guy” but NOOOO i didn’t got nothing.

  37. roger Says:

    what game is called when you load the another causality?

  38. alexis Says:

    what game is called when you load another causality

  39. Pacman Says:

    The guy i know how it is i posted a walktough for the ski level on causality 4 but i got no thanks

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