Causality 5

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Causality 5 Walkthrough


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Causality 5 is here, at last!
Adding a school, a botanical garden, and a museum to the mix. Same cute stickpeople, same awry death results. And, there is a little bonus on the third level; a mini puzzle! See if you can find out what it is, and complete the latest venues.

43 Responses to “Causality 5”

  1. Causality 5 is Here! Says:

    [...] Causality 5 [...]

  2. Anne Says:

    I LOVE this game!!!!

    *CanĀ“t believe this*. I’m 12 years old and I love murdering stickmen!!! XD

  3. Malandro Says:


  4. harry watson Says:

    how do u complete casuality 5 level 1/2/3/?? hard plz help!!

  5. Katie Says:

    Anne, I’m also 12 and I also LUV murdering stick men! It’s just so fun right!?!?!

  6. The Guy Says:

    hey Harry here’s an walkthrough for level 2
    Click the bird so the guy next to the cage will go to the middle floor,then when he got his arm red click the crack in the aquarium,then click the blood in the floor then when the stick on the left will check the falling blood click him,when he goes down to get the first aid click the plant.(REMEMBER TO CLICK THE STICKMAN ON THE RIGHT)click the kid under the tree then click the one on the supost tree house,when the stick will go and get the ladder click the stickman above him,then click the tree.TADAAAAAA :D (rofl)

  7. roger Says:

    what the fuck its just a screen thats just great!

  8. erik Says:


  9. sean Says:

    How do you complete level 1????? I need help!

  10. shane Says:

    this game is fun :)

  11. Caleb (the Computer genius) Says:

    To Find the Walktrough Go to youtube they have the Walktrough there

  12. erik Says:

    como mata o plofesor?????????

  13. colton (the computer wiz) Says:

    walkthrough for level one. first go down to where the stickmen are painting. click both window and they’ll close. Next go up to the bathroom click on the flammable gas it will spill. Click on the door knob then the to love birds will go in there for a smoke. Click on the teacher then the student in front. Once she enters the room the love birds were in go to the top click a light it will fall on the teacher. Click the fire alarm the two people in the bathroom wil throw the cigarette on the flammable gas and blow them up. Then the two students will try and get out wait until a student pulls on the door while on the door. Click the fan and it will decapitate both of them. Go back to the art room click the stickman on the right he will throw something in his hands.There’s a mouse hole click that and a mouse will come out. The chef will come running into the art room. The chef will drop a can of poison. Then the stickman on the left will start spraying the poison. click the mouse hole the mouse will come. This time the chef will come running out with a knife click on him real quickly and he’ll drop the knife and fall on it. The mouse will run back into his hole. The students will freak out. The he’ll start spraying the poison. Once the students are dead click the mouse hole once more and the mouse turn over and die. So thats the walkthrough

  14. colton (the computer wiz) Says:

    And if it doesn’t work i’ll do a video of the walkthrough

  15. michael Says:

    walkthrough for level 3 bad i can only kill three people is that sad or what

  16. colton (the computer wiz) Says:

    Hey michael here’s a walkthrough for level 3. First go to the bottom of the room and there’s gonna be someone listening to music. And the to time line from monkey to human. Do that pattern first to last. And stick person will throw a spear at him. Go to the left of the top room. And there’s gonna be an electrical box and a switch. Click the fuse box and it will blow up. Click the switch and the stick man on the left go to turn it on. A kid stickman on the right will have a ball above him. Click the ball and it will fall on him. 3 stick man down. Quickly go up to the room with the dinosaur. And click the dinosaur and it will shoot his head up. The stick man on the left. He’ll go to the elevator. Click the green dot on the elevator while he’s in it. he’ll walk out of the elevator. quickly prees the red dot and it will take him down cut his head off. So that’s the walkthrough Michael.

  17. colton (the computer wiz) Says:

    One more thing Michael there’s two more stickman on the level i forget to mention. The big head on left click the mouth and it will open. Go to the small head click the right block. click both stickman. One will go see the mouth the other the block. The guy going to see the little head. He’ll try and pick up the cinder block. Click the head and it will crush him. Then click the mouth and it will eat his head. Ok now thats all of the walkthrough Michael.

  18. colton (the computer wiz) Says:

    And also go to hell stickman!!!

  19. Sydney Says:

    omg! on level 3 how do u kill the guy in the right corner thats sweeping?

  20. melissa Says:

    i can never pass this! ugh

  21. colton (the computer wiz) Says:

    I put a walkthrough of it

  22. ausen Says:

    how do you get the secert level.

  23. stickman Says:

    WHat secret level?

  24. kaiden Says:

    wht seacret level

  25. nick Says:

    stickman tell ms causality b**** to not go to deathclick because she is being mean to everyone just please dude

  26. me Says:

    a guy got his head cut off 1 minute later he’s walking around alive with his head on what?!?!?!

  27. stickman Says:

    really? lol the stickmen are turning into zombies!

  28. Jase Says:

    Zombies… hey i was thinking in a causality that pass in a submarine or an aquatic town

  29. DJae12 Says:

    HELLA G!!!!!

  30. Oracle Says:

    I completed level 2, everyone is dead but the level doesn’t end for some reason.

    Dude in the tank is dead, other stick that started on that level seems to kill himself on the poison plant (he’s lying down red). stick that started on floor two got eaten by the plant. Two sticks killed by the tree house ladder, and one by the falling branch. Don’t think I’ve missed any..

    Any ideas?

  31. Kath Says:

    You forgot the bird. Click the elevator door and it will crush the little blue bird.

  32. steven Says:


  33. Caleb (The Computer Genius) Says:


  34. Causality horor Says:


  35. Causality horor Says:

    Hahaha sorry sorry

  36. MC Says:

    I can’t finish. The plant doesn’t change. Is it a bug or I don’t do it in the right way?

  37. MRHAPPY12 Says:

    walkthrough for lvl 3: first go to the room with the model planets in click the fusebox and it will explode (if you can’t find rhe fusebox it’s got a ‘danger sign’ on it.
    then click the lights and after that click the biggest planet with the kid under and it will kill him. in the room right you will see a stickman running to the elevator.
    click the green light to make it turn red when he gets into it. as soon as he shrugs(or lifts his arms up)make the red light turn green and it will slice his head off! :) next go to the heads. click the bigger head first then click the big stickman now click the smaller statue and the smaller stick man after. click the big and little statues one more time now. then click the dots with the human timeline and keep clicking them until the match the colors to the pictures. finally go to the room with the model dinosaur in. keep clicking the dinosaur until its tail slices his head off!(again we have beheaded someone lol) thx for reading!

  38. jim Says:


  39. Bill Says:

    Im 11 years old and ima stickman murderer!!!! lololol

  40. kimberly Says:

    adoro jogar esse jogo nao da pra parar um se quer segundo pk se nao depois nao lembro a fase que eu estava……kkkkk esse jogo e o maximo vou recomendar pra tds as minhas amigas e a migos

    adorei!obrigada kimberly

  41. Its Classified Says:

    Hey How do i get the last person who runs in the elevator?
    Every time i click on the red and green button the elevator closes and the guy goes down. I have been successful in getting the guy to go out but i failed as the elevator’s door closes and he finds the dead janitor. Is there any order as how to press the button? Do reply.
    Thx guys

  42. Josh M Says:

    Tutorials please :3

    ~Josh M

  43. Fred N Says:

    Hey? How do i get the person from the plant exhibit?

    Every time I clicked him but one of them sees them die. I’ve been successful but I failed until he fell down. Is there and order to get rid of him? Do reply.

    Thanks guys

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