Causality 6 is Here!

Well you guess it another year and another line of upcoming causality games. This time for the first Causality game in 2012 we bring you Causality 6. Here are some screens below of the 3 levels in Causality 6. Please bare in mind that the position of the stick people is only displayed here for development testing and this is not the final location or even the number of stick people in each level. Enjoy and be sure to check for more news about the release.

Causality 6 Level 1 Supermarket Screenshot

Causality 6 Level 2 Disco Bar Screenshot

Causality 6 Level 3 Church Screenshot

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21 Responses to “Causality 6 is Here!”

  1. Ruan Says:

    Yeah!! Causality 6 está finalmente sendo feito!

  2. Ruan Says:


  3. The Guy Says:

    i bet its coming out in…MARCH!!!or february…&%#@ NOT DECEMBER!!!!

  4. ? Says:

    What would i be?What would i be?
    The bigger i am the less you see.
    answer this question and see what happens. :|

  5. Blah Says:


  6. ander Says:

    como se juega a este juego

  7. nick Says:

    the last level of causality 6 will be hard and i beat the game

  8. andi Says:

    When do you release causality 7?
    I love that games :-)

  9. stickman Says:

    Next month, maybe later. We are busy working on the new mobile version :)

  10. Yeti Says:

    yay mobile version

  11. kiki Says:

    this was so fun and easy im realy looking foward to causality 7 lol thanks

  12. stickman Says:


  13. The guy below should give me the answer Says:

    when will causality 7 come out

    i wish you add more levels, so it will last longer

  14. i love causalty Says:

    will there be a casualty 7? if you don’t have any ideas for the places, you could do a bank, a ship, and a mall.

  15. toaster Says:

    you should make a candy factory,a golf course,and a quarantine zone

  16. toaster Says:

    or an old west town

  17. kimberly Says:

    this game is so hard but fun and funny jajajajaja

  18. angrybirdlover2214 Says:

    beat it..very hard without help

  19. Juan Martin Says:


  20. Guest 1 Says:

    I can’t make the **** glasses break when I turn up the volume… help plz

  21. Kristen Stewart Says:

    this game is cool

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