Causality 7 is …Action!

Grab a coffee, poke a clown and yell action to the next game in the causality series, Causality 7 finally arrives! Play Causality 7

Level 3 sneak peak!

Play now!









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48 Responses to “Causality 7 is …Action!”

  1. toaster Says:

    cool! you guy’s have the best ideas !

  2. toaster Says:

    if you run out of ideas i could help!

  3. stickman Says:


  4. harrison Says:

    what no way causality 7 already i bet 2 weeks and no8 is out.

  5. harrison Says:

    but i think 7 is the last one

  6. harrison Says:

    so i think they should cancel the release so there wont be 7 th one

  7. toaster Says:

    list of all ideas:beach,forest hike,concert,police station,casino,barbeque,wedding,prison,park,birthday party!

  8. neseri Says:

    so when is this coming out/?
    i cant wait

  9. i love causalty Says:

    i have a feeling that at the circus making them die will be easy but making sure people don’t see other people die will be hard

  10. justincrazy323 Says:

    omg when does it come out?!?

  11. klucas Says:

    che cuando sale juego

  12. klucas Says:

    cuando sale el juego

  13. toaster Says:

    i hope these ideas will help!

  14. harrison Says:

    iv got an idea what about a murder scene as in the cinema.

  15. i love causalty Says:

    i can give you some ideas too! oil platform, fighter jet/bomber, hotel, casino, hill, cruise, mountain, train station.

  16. stickman Says:

    Cool ideas thanks!

  17. sam Says:

    when is causality 7 coming out like!!!!!!!!!

  18. sam Says:


  19. stickman Says:

    This month!

  20. klucas Says:

    cuando lo ponen el juego

  21. Jase is bak Says:

    hey i like the idea of a casino,like there are some statues,a brokn lever,mad gamer,distracted employee,a minibar in the corner.some thing IS gonna happen there.

  22. guy Says:

    thanks! i’m glad you like my casino idea.

  23. i love casuality Says:

    hey, uhh stickman? can we have some more screensots?

  24. i love causalty Says:

    hey, uhh stickman? can we have some more screen shots? by the way, if you don’t have any, can you tell os what the other 2 levels are going to be?

  25. sam Says:

    when this month stiman

  26. i love causalty Says:

    what on earth happened?! did everyone working on these games just die? i’m not getting any news and no new comments are being added they all say “your comment is waiting for stickman moderation.” did stickman die?

  27. cieara Says:

    i cant wate now let me kill some sticks

  28. stickman Says:

    No i’m here!

  29. i love causalty Says:

    ok! good. but can you tell us some more news?

  30. stickman Says:

    Yes any day now!

  31. i love causalty Says:

    do you know what any more levels are going to be?

  32. Jase is bak Says:

    uh what about… just an idea,a zoo?I mean,Lion,Broken Cage,Hot Dog Machine,Wet Floor,A Convenient Stone in the ground :D

  33. sam Says:

    what day stickman

  34. sam Says:


  35. matheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... I mean mathy Says:

    Any day now? July 1st? Tomorrow? =O I can’t wait!

  36. toaster Says:

    the casino was my idea

  37. sam Says:

    exuse me when is causality 7 out

  38. vassilis Says:

    please tell us when causality is out

  39. kevin Says:

    esse causalidade 7 e muito louco e o melhor jogo do causalidade que eu já joguei

  40. i love causalty Says:

    hey!uh, stickman, what do you use to make the casualty games?

  41. stickman Says:


  42. toaster Says:

    new ideas:coliseum in Rome, pizza restaurant called papa’s stickeria,and a wedding

  43. i love causalty Says:

    hey! you used the music from counter stick 2 ( casualty story part 2) in this game

  44. stickman Says:

    The other way around

  45. i love causalty Says:

    oh and what type of flash do you use?

  46. marker man Says:

    hi! any news on coming casualties? oh and do you know about when the next click death is coming?

  47. neseri Says:


    when should we expect the next episode of causality to be released?

  48. marker man Says:

    when is there going to be another one? i don’t expect a new game now, but it’s been a while and i would at least like an update of what is going on.

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