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Causality 7 Walkthrough Cheat

Walkthrough Game cheat for Causality 7 stickman game.

Causality 7 Walkthrough Level 1

Starbucks with a few customers inside, having coffee. Barista1 is behind the counter, barista2 picking up and cleaning the tables, and three customers, one on his computer by the window, tapping away, and 2 having a chat.
The gas screw behind the counter must be unscrewed for it to start leaking gas.
PeePee enters and asks for a bathroom to the barista1 behind the counter, but it is denied to him because he isn’t a buying costumer. After exchanging a few words, he pees on the floor as a form of protest. The barista behind the counter is scandalized, and comes over to bitch at him for peeing on the floor.
In the mean time the barista2 is wiping tables and picking up empty cups, and comes to the counter to get the coffee jar and goes check on customer1 and customer2, who are sitting on the front table having a chat, and he offers them more coffee. When he is pouring the coffee he spills it on customer’s lap and burns his thighs. He gets alarmed and starts freaking out. Cust1 and cust2 are freaking out. Barista1 is yelling at peepee for peeing on the floor. Computerguy is banging his computer as hard as he can to make it work.
All of the sudden, Computer guy spills his coffee on the computer, the computer shorts and the spark inflames the gas in the whole starbucks, causing a big KABOOM! Everybody dies.

Wrong deaths: Starbucks sign falls and squashes cust1&2 but of course everybody else watches and its game over. Barista1 slips on peepee’s pee puddle on the floor and falls and hurts his head and dies. Again, game over. (This is all to confuzzle peoples and not make it so obvious)

Causality 7 Walkthrough Level 2

In the movie set, all the team is getting ready to air a scene of a The Seven Year Itch. The actors await on stage, director is sitting on his chair, fan man, clapper and light assistants all in place.
The director is falling asleep so he takes a zip of his coffee to keep him awake. (to prevent him from falling asleep, he has to drink coffee every.. 20 seconds?.. until the time you want him to fall asleep, then no coffee drinking)
FAN on, Clapper does the clack, director yells ACTION! (ON AIR is on green light) and the 2 actors on stage begin acting out their scene, where Marilyn’s skirt rises up, and suddenly, the light lightassist is holding starts flickering and it turns off, making the scene too dark. Director yells Cut! However, the ON AIR light remains turned on, which means they are still on live television.
**The on air button needs to be turned off (AND REMAIN OFF), otherwise any death that happens on stage from here on results in a GAME OVER when the TV viewers watch them die.** WHAT CAUSES ON AIR BTN TO GO OFF? DIRECTOR YELLING ACTION TURNS IT ON, BUT HIM YELLING CUT DOESN’T TURN IT OFF?
The cables holding the microphone and lights rod must be snapped ( 2 different cables out of three in preparation)
The director is again falling asleep, but this time, he forgets to take a zip of coffee and ends up asleep and snoring. The light assist starts trying to fix the light, banging gently on it, the clapper comes to give him a hand, so they are looking to the left, distracted.
Fan tips over and falls on top of FANman, and the helixes cut him up real good (you can only see a gush of blood that squirts upwards)// THIS WAS WITH A DIFFERENT ANGLE// and simultaneously, the third cable snaps, making the iron rod fall on the actors, killing them.
The light finally starts working again, at which point light is tampered with by clicking on it… and right as Lightassist and clapper are turning around to get into initial position, Lightassist is electrocuted with the light and clapper touches him, and the electrical charge passes onto him, they both die electrocuted.
There is only the director left alive, and he is alseep. When clapper is electrocuted, the clapper falls and flips and flops all the way over to the snoozing director and claps right on his neck, and snaps it off. Decapitation. .

Causality 7 Walkthrough Level 3

Exciting show at the circus! But only with two little viewers, sitting on the audience, eating cotton candy.. The trapeze guys are performing some cool stunts, and the host is attempting to make the elephant do some awesome tricks.

The clown approaches the kids and talks to them, making jokes and squirting water from his trick flower. (DIVERSION)

Host attempts to dominate the elephant with the whip, but he accidentally throws it in a wrong way and it wraps around his neck, making him suffocate and die. The right part of the circus tent must be “closed” or “let down” like a curtain to hide his dead body before the clown and the kids stop interacting and pay attention that way.

At this time, the trapeze guy on the right is sitting, waiting for his partner to swing over to him, to catch him. But at this moment, the lightbulb that is burnt on top of him falls on his head, knocking him out and he falls to his death. At this right exact moment, trapeze guy on the left was doing the flip in the air, trusting his mate to catch him, but since he has been knocked out, he flips, also onto the floor, to his death.

The elephant comes by and grabs the kids cotton candy with its trump and starts munching away. The next bite the elephant takes, he accidentally rips the kid’s whole arm off!! The kid starts squirting blood all over the place, and kid2 starts freaking out! The elephant is just naturally munching on whatever he is holding in his mouth.

The second part of the tent must be let down to cover up the trapeze guys’ bodies.

Clown freaks out majorly, and starts running stage left, when he trips, flipping on the air and landing on the circus flag, brings him to his death by stabbing. (obvi, if the clown is not made to trip on click, he leaves stage, game over)

The elephant starts feeling dizzy because of the candy, he loses balance, faints and falls on top of the children, squashing them! they are dead!

The End! Be sure to check out our other Causality Walkthroughs

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