Causality Turns 4!

It’s hard to believe we turn 4 today. 10 games later (with C7 just around the corner) it all started back in 2008 with the first release of Causality. A year later came Causality 2 and every year later we have been murdering, burning, poisoning,┬átorturing, posseing and many more new creative ways to interfear with these stickpeople’s lives. Happy Birthday Causality!

Causality 4th Birthday








La la la la la weeeeeeee

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13 Responses to “Causality Turns 4!”

  1. Jase is bak Says:

    Awsome,in fact i remember when i started playing causality,right before it camed out

  2. toaster Says:

    Happy Birthday and i wish you a great July 4th

  3. stickman Says:


  4. stickman Says:

    Hope to make many more Causality games for you!

  5. Tango Says:

    That’s good to hear. I’ll always need my fix of Causality lol.

  6. belle Says:

    YAY!!!!! you are 4 years old!!

  7. toaster Says:

    I hope there will be an infinite amount of causality games don’t end it

  8. i love causalty Says:

    happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear causality, happy birth day to you! thanks for all the games!

  9. angrybird Says:

    yay! cab’t wait for C7!!

  10. neseri Says:

    i would really like to see one with more levels, not just 3

  11. i love causalty Says:

    but the more levels you add, the longer it takes to come out

  12. camila (flor fly) Says:

    es bkn causality porque te ense├▒a de la matansa y de la accion eso son juegos para todo publico y me despido espero que hagan mas juegos de causality porfavor

    camila yuliet ugarte

    posdata espero que les guste mi comentario :)

  13. Joseph Says:

    awesome casuality is da bomb

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