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Causality Camp Walkthrough

Walkthrough Game cheat for Causality Camp stickman game. Here is the walkthrough for latest Casuality game, Causality Camp. Complete guide to beat the game.

Causality Camp Walkthrough

Causality Camp Cheat & Playthrough

    Click all the arrows so they don’t have feathers.
    Click an arrow.
    Click the center target.
    Get him to fish.
    Click line.
    Fish again, pull up when the line is on the medium dark spot.
    Same thing, Little spot.
    Click The guy with no blindfold on log.
    Click tent
    Click the marshmallow stick
    Click bag of marshmallows
    (Quick Timing alert!)
    Click the guy with axe, quickly click hive while its shaking
    click shivering bush.
    click bear

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