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Causality Kitchen Walkthrough

Walkthrough Game cheat for Causality Kitchen stickman game. Here is the walkthrough for latest Casuality game, Causality Kitchen. Complete guide to beat the game.

Causality Kitchen Walkthrough

1.Click the canister above the sink.
2.Click Fridge guy.
3.Click the knob in the fridge 3 times until Carrot guy freezes.
4.Click the orange in the fridge.
5.Click the bottom lefthand corner of the sink.
6.Click the knife on top of the fridge.
7.Fridge guy will fall in the vat and the knife gets stuck in the ceiling.
8.After Fridge guy slips, but before he finally collapses, click sandwich, ceiling knife, gasoline, cooking pot, Sandwich guy.
9.Click twice on the noteline.
10.Click the zombie. You Win.

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  1. Enerisa February 14, 2015 at 5:15 pm - Reply

    I can’t play this game

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