Causality Mobile

Good news for all those iphone/ipad/itouch owners out there as development has started in our very first Causality Mobile Game. We can’t release much information about this at the moment but you will be in for a surprise!

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32 Responses to “Causality Mobile”

  1. Данил Says:

    Хочу Iphone

  2. Jerry45 Says:

    It will be available also for cellphone touch?

  3. Jerry45 Says:

    I can’t wait, it will be in a new place or something? :D

  4. stickman Says:

    Iphone touch? Yes

  5. Jerry45 Says:

    When will it be available?

  6. stickman Says:

    It’s in development. If you subscribe to our updates Updates then you’ll be the first to know pre-release :)

  7. dfffsfs Says:

    whats a cellphone touch?

  8. stickman Says:

    Ipod touch.

  9. RocknRedneck19 Says:

    Just for the iPad/iPhone/iPod? or will there be Android and Blackberry versions too?

  10. Pacman Says:

    does it have new places or just the stuff from the first one

  11. stickman Says:

    Yes just the iOS platforms for now. We will work on a Android version later

  12. stickman Says:

    The game will contain levels each of the previous games. New levels will follow.

  13. tommy Says:

    did everyone working on causality suddenlly die? causality 4 should have been out by now last week of april is tomarrow…

  14. stickman Says:

    It’s delayed, programmers are hella busy, hoping for 2 week of May :/

  15. Sylvester Stallone Says:

    My son Plays This When it Be Released?

  16. stickman Says:

    In a few months.

  17. marked man Says:

    it has a date from when is gonna came out?

  18. jonathan Says:

    do you have a date for it is it for free or does it cost money reply back please for android ipod touch 4g iphone

  19. stickman Says:

    Always for free! fun is free

  20. Himarat1 Says:


  21. jonathan Says:

    Will it be for android touch phone too please. I would really like it make one

  22. everybody Says:

    I’d like to know : Is it for BlackBerry ? Because I’ve got one and I would like to play to Causality on my phone…

  23. stickman Says:

    No sorry, just iOS and soon to android.

  24. i am Says:

    this is very good :D

  25. i am Says:

    iam bored :( :P ;)

  26. Mengmao Says:

    I wish I could use Iponed.

  27. stickman Says:

    ? you can

  28. Fishinator Says:

    When are the new levels gonna be out?

  29. stickman Says:

    Good question! We shall start working on them soon.

  30. nachos Says:

    Is it available on Android?

  31. stickman Says:

    Not yet sorry, but soon we’ll have a new mobile causality game that will be on all mobile platforms.

  32. Araiah Says:

    Will there be a Andriod version coming out soon?
    I love these games, and i would love to be able to play it on my Evo :D

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