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Causality Office Walkthrough

Walkthrough Game cheat for Causality Office stickman game. Here is the walkthrough for latest Casuality game, Causality Office. Complete guide to beat the game.

Causality Office Walkthrough

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  1. Jordan August 13, 2014 at 10:06 pm - Reply

    1.Break Printer
    2.Click s_flowers.
    3.Click the elevator
    4.When the elevator opens, click the hole in the printer
    s_flowers will get ground up and DIE.
    5.click all flowers so they fall
    6.click s_desk, she will get flowers
    7.click s_table
    8.click the chair
    9.click the red and blue faucets
    10.put each on the wrong way (red on left, then blue)
    11.click s_table again.
    12.When s_table falls over, click the table so it breaks. It will squish s_table,he will split in half and DIE.
    13.Click the cabinet above the white box
    14.click the box.
    15.When s_hungry goes to eat, quickly click the curtain in front of the door
    16.when he puts the bowl on table, click yellow box.
    17.When he comes back, click s_relax
    18.click the vase on the table
    19.click the water cooler when s_relax is in the other place.

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