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Text Only Causality Road Rage Walkthrough Version


  1. First of all click the policeman’s gun as he stops to peer inside the shop. It’ll fall on the ground.
  2. Now wait for the guy to get out of the yellow car that pulls up, and let him begin fuelling his car when you press the green button inside the shop on the wall.
  3. This cuts the pumps off and you can see the guy get angry and hit the pump. The clerk will switch the pumps back on at the wall.
  4. Now click the pump switch again once he resumes fuelling. The guy will get even more annoyed and his face will go red for a bit when he hits the pump.
  5. He should stop fuelling soon and head for the shop. Just as he gets towards the fire extinguishers, click them so they move in his way. If you get the timing right so they are put in front of him just as he gets there he’ll trip over them and fall on the floor. This bit needs to be timed right otherwise he’ll see them in front of him and walk around them.
  6. If you clicked the police officer’s gun earlier, our main guy will pick it up on his way into the shop.
  7. As he’s heading for the doors, click the yellow wet floor sign so when he gets into the shop, he won’t see the sign and will trip on the floor. (The sign can be pressed any time before he gets there)
  8. Also, by now the other guy in the level should be examining the fridges. Click the fridge door to make him open it and take something out and head for the counter.
  9. When the guy gets off the floor, he’ll also head for the fridges but the one thing he wanted will have been taken by the other guy and he’ll make an annoyed gesture and head for the counter.
  10. When the other guy who took something is at the counter, he’ll start chatting with the clerk. When you see the “bla” speech bubble appear, click at least once on it so they keep talking, it should disappear for a sec then re-appear if you’ve clicked it during their chat to represent they’re still talking, click it again to keep the cycle going.
  11. If you keep them talking and don’t let the customer leave, eventually our main guy will get to the desk and have to wait, if you make him wait long enough and only if you’ve done everything necessary to annoy him (fuel pump cut off x2, fire ext, slip on floor, no food in fridge, make sure he finds the gun, and then wait for ages) his face will slowly get redder, and eventually he’ll flip pulling the gun on both the customer and the clerk.
  12. At this point if you leave it, the guy will kill the clerk and it’s game over. But you’ll see a cool animation of him getting shot in the face.
  13. But if you want to win, when the gun is pointed at the clerk, click the gun to make the customer attack the gun guy.
  14. This bit requires good timing… so be prepared. Around about the time the customer kicks the gun guy during their fight you should click the plastic bag on the floor near the pump technician.
  15. The pump technician will curiously follow the bag as it’s blown underneath the gas station sign. If you do this too early, he’ll stay there for a bit but eventually leave.
  16. Now wait for the customer to tackle the gun guy to the floor. They’ll be wrestling and the gun will be pointing backwards in the guy’s hand at the sign. If you leave it the customer will beat the gun out of his hand and then continually punch him in the face.
  17. But if you click the gun quickly while it’s pointing back, it’ll fire, smashing the glass of the sign into the road.
  18. The next car that comes along will swerve to avoid the glass and smash into the sign which will topple over and land on the technician if you timed it right.
  19. If you didn’t, the technician will come running to inspect the car accident and it’ll be game over.
  20. But if you did, the car will then leak fuel and explode throwing a bit of debris at the pumps which will then also start to set fire as the policeman from earlier comes running back.
  21. The entire station should now blow up throwing a piece of metal straight at the officer’s neck taking his head clean off and ending the level.

Big thanks to Dom for creating this walkthrough!

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