Causality Stickmas Walkthrough Cheat

Need some help with the latest Causality Stickmas Game? Never fear very soon we’ll post the Causality Stickmas Walkthrough Video and guide to help you complete this game and kill Stick Santa and crew. If you have managed to complete the game please feel free to post how you did in the comments below. Happy Stick Christmas!

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7 Responses to “Causality Stickmas Walkthrough Cheat”

  1. shane Says:

    make a new causality like #7,8,9,10, Or the causality stories part two oh and here’s my suggestions make it include these three things

    #1 beauty palor
    #2 night club
    #3 on stage

  2. stickman Says:

    night club is done in causality6 ! on stage – already start a level for this. Thanks for your suggestions.

  3. stickman Says:

    I love this games <3 :D

  4. natedog Says:

    i love killing the stickman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) XD

  5. replyer Says:

    kill them hahahahahaha

  6. tyler lockwood Says: the bell on the tree,the light will turn on, click the window and the people will pop out, click the window to chop there heard off the snowman 3 times then click the top of the firs house, a snow drift will fall and cover the other the black orniment on tree, the green man will steal it, then click the snowmans nose the grinch will steal that too. click the 3rd house the grinch will climb on top, when it gets to the top, click him. the clock, santa will come, click the lights on the tree to turn em off, santa will try to fix em, click the lights to turn em on to electricute him press candy cane the elf will feed the raindeer, then click the star at top of tree to kill elf.
    5. click the tree to kill the raindeer the snowman once more
    7.complete!!!cool game

  7. vishwa Says:

    i did it in 21 minutes and 47 seconds

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