Causality Stickmas

Christmas time (Stickmas) has arrived in the world of Causality. The kids are asleep eagerly awaiting the arrival of stick Santa and Rudolf reindeer. But what is the Grinch doing here? Jack frost the snowman is hanging out by the Xmas tree and Santa’s little helper seems to be hungry for some candy. Can you kill Santa and everyone in this Stickmas Village? Enjoy Causality Stickmas coming this Christmas.

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Causality Stickmas Walkthrough


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28 Responses to “Causality Stickmas”

  1. foofoo Says:

    cmon hurry up all ready

  2. The Guy Says:

    yeah first one

  3. Pain Says:


  4. stickman Says:

    It’s being launched today!

  5. The Guy Says:

    hey this is easy im posting the walkthrough tomorrow i gotta sleep now^^

  6. The Guy Says:

    OK I GOT IT:*aham*click the bell on the tree,click the black ornament(also on the tree)click the window of the left building twice,click the snow on the roof then the snowman 3 times,click the clock(lol click the clock)behind everything,then click the snowman’s face,click the house in the bottom of the village then when he’s in top of it click him^^,click the candy lane on the tree then click one of the lights in the tree until santa dies,click the star in the tree then click the tree itself^^then snowman’s base HAPPY STICKMAS :D

  7. Anne Says:

    @ The Guy:
    Thanks 4 the walkthrough! Merry Stickmas ;)

  8. sean Says:

    When I complete the game, it doesn’t do anything. It also happens when I play Causality 5. Do you think there is a problem with the game?

  9. shane Says:

    when u killed everybody click the snowman :)

  10. christian Says:


  11. othon Says:

    muito zica meu

  12. estefany morais santos Says:

    gostei gotei bjs ♥♥♥♥

  13. estefany morais santos Says:

    muito bom

  14. estefany morais santos Says:

    ae vamos gente guntos lutar pera a vitoriA detes jogo ja vo no 5 beijao

  15. emiliano Says:


  16. =D Says:

    The fat guy walks to slow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. stickman Says:

    Cause he’s Santa!

  18. lasa Says:


  19. bily Says:

    hahaha…so funny..i like it,,…but is too hard.. :P :)

  20. dianne Says:


  21. champion arm wrestler Says:

    acualy its easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i rock at causality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D =D =D =D =D =D =D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Sticker Says:

    I passed this without lookin at walkthrough/guide.

  23. ian Says:

    queria que lançacem Causality 8,9 e 10

  24. Matsu Says:

    como mato al santa??

  25. got it****** Says:

    easy first click the black bell then click the bell big whon

    then click the window to let the sticks to see then click the window a gen

    then click the snow at the roof,the snow man (3)times

    then click the clock

  26. someone who loves killing stickman Says:

    and killing stickman..XD

  27. tania Says:

    esta buenisimo este juego esta mortal :)

  28. Zoobz Says:

    I LOVE CASUALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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