Causality Story Part 1 Walkthrough Cheat

Causality Story Part 1 Walkthrough Cheat

So your a little stuck on the first part of the latest Causality Story Part 1 game? No problems, we have below for you the video walkthrough guide to help you complete the game.

Causality Story Part 1 Text Walkthrough
Level 1 – You have to click all these pretty quick. Click the vending machine on the right, then the light bulb on the right, then the spoon on the canteen table, then the power point, then when the guy gets to the power point, click the water, then click the money till, then when they all stop dying, click the vending machine on the left, and the light bulb on the left, then when those 2 are dead, click the power point down stairs.

Level 2 – Again, need to be relatively quick. Click the weather man, then click the left switch in the operating room once, and click the one on the right repeatedly, then lower the temperature to the minimum when the bird is flying towards the window, then click the temperature to the maximum, then click the camera man in the left room, then the clipboard in the reporters hands, then ckick the light above the other reporter, then click the door, then click the three red buttons in the operating room.

Level 3 – Again, quickly. Click the bottle above the guy on the table, then click the acid on the shelf, then click the light, then the computer, then when the guy gets to the computer, click the tray with the body on it, then click the blue wire going to the zombie, and then when he kills the guy that walks in the room, and everything has stopped, click the dial on the left of the machine.

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