Causality Story Part 2

Causality Story Part 2 Walkthrough
The Stickmen know about you! They can run, they can hide in bomb shelters…Show them who is in charge and kill the sticks! In Causality Story Part 2, play 3 funny levels where the stickmen hide, escape earth in a rocketship and even fight back! Go on, kill some stickmen!

25 Responses to “Causality Story Part 2”

  1. mason Says:

    What the heck in the walkthrough they don’t show the mouse!

  2. bruno pereira Says:

    esses jogos sao engraçados e muito maneiros caraaaaaaaaa!!

  3. Caleb Says:

    How Do you Throw the Bomb into the Shelter?

  4. erik Says:

    ei como matar o cara que ta do lado do fogete?

  5. erik Says:

    quer dizer o cara que ta dentro da cabana de tijolos como matar ele

  6. mason Says:

    Caleb take the tireswing and catch it then throw it. It will explode then when the guy is on the ground click the tree.

  7. erik Says:

    ei quando a bonba cai no meteoro eu cricko no balanso mais o miseu cai no chaô

  8. mason Says:

    Sorry Caleb I mean the branch.

  9. guy Says:

    lvl 1
    click th poles in the gu tower twice until the roof falls and crushe the guy. click the manhole. then click he sun. when the comet flys by click it. when the runner is jus passing the house click the volcano.then click the cigar on the couch in the house. click the nuke bomb. when it fies by the tire swing swng it so the bomb flys in the bomb shelter. when the guy flys uner the branch, click it.

  10. Jordan Says:

    how do we do level 2

  11. guest Says:

    lol u have to kill the alien on 2nd lvl or when u turn on the fuel to blow up rocket ship the alien turns it off

  12. ASS Says:

    Not loading

  13. nick Says:

    im not a loser you stick people

  14. vfdvfdbdfbvb Says:

    la bomba se activa cuando la clickeas

  15. Ashley Says:

    It’s a great game!!

  16. stickman3 Says:

    so hard :(

  17. дёма Says:

    че а я прошел не сложная игра

  18. marker man Says:

    i think the most appropriate song for the end of lvl 2 would be “here comes the sun”

  19. awesomeness Says:

    where do you click on the volcano! it won’t let meh!!

  20. tommy nickson Says:

    this is awsome

  21. dmba Says:


  22. dmba Says:

    est que il y a des episode !

  23. Mr.Stickman Says:

    Why my son stick man! Why do you go making these games! Don’t you realize your a stick man yourself! Your grounded! Get in your room now! No videos game for a month!

  24. Alex Says:

    I think this is a pretty cool game if I may say so myself

  25. Alex Says:

    I am awesome

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