Causality Turkey Terror Walkthrough

So many people have been asking for our Causality Turkey Terror Walkthrough so here is it :-

From out members : -
First you have to ait until the sister is near the brother s bedroom and turn on the radio. the sister will hide in the bed. IMPORTANT: Move the cloud that is near the electric cable.
The mom will go upstairs and will see the brother, then she will go downstairs the boy will pick up and throw the rope and then he will DIEEEEE!
Meanwhile click on the bed and kill the sister. In the first floor mom and dad will start cutting the turkeyand will DIEEEEEEEEE!
After that click in the toaster and grandpa will qo to the kitchen. BREK THE PIPE!
finally grandpa will die with explosion!

Another :-
First click on the boys computer screen to switch picture. The girl will start walking towards the boys room , just before she reaches the door, click on the boom box, making the boy walk away. When the girl leans in the door click click her, and she will hide under the bed. Next, click on the cloud at the top left. Click on the boom box again and the parent will come up and yell. After the parent leaves the boy will through the rope on the power line, right when he starts to get electrocuted, click click on the bed. Right after this the parent is almost back, click on the toaster to get the old man out before the sticky gets the turkey cutter. Right after you click on the toast, click on the big grey pipe under the clock at left. If you time it correctly, you will see the results…

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  1. Nam Says:

    nice! and thanks

  2. Any_69 Says:

    Thanks dude,with this I finished at 60 seconds just 6 seconds less than u. :)

  3. ddad222 Says:

    done all thxs to u

  4. hi123 Says:

    how do the cutter ppl die??

  5. stickman Says:

    Every one dies!

  6. Project_Swagg Says:

    Wow 50 Seconds 1st time Thats Great But thanks to the walk-through

  7. GayGranpa Says:

    Awesome! I love it when the girl gets killed

  8. daaaaaaaaaa Says:


  9. slapslapkickmyass Says:

    where is the boom box

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