Causality Turkey Terror

Turkey day is here! And amongst all the things to be grateful for this year during the harvest festivities, including the brutal killing of a poor turkey a couple of hundred years ago, all the amazing food and the nice company, we have added one more to the list. Causality Turkey Terror!

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Causality Turkey Terror Walkthrough
Watch the interaction between a family of five during a Thanksgiving dinner preparation, and decide their fate! Will they even make it to actually eat the meal? We doubt it.

Stick-kids are minding their own business upstairs, while stick-mom is working away on the beautiful spread on the table. The stick-dad cant wait to cut up the fancy bird, and Grandad.. well.. grandad is a bit mischievous! He will surely get into a lot of trouble.

Come, play and enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Please enjoy this Causality Turkey Terror.

92 Responses to “Causality Turkey Terror”

  1. alexis Says:

    c quand le new?

  2. alexis Says:

    les modo vous avez dit que le new causality sa sera le mois de fevrier mais c’est depasser ! )=

  3. hayden Says:

    i need help

  4. stickman Says:

    There is a walkthrough on the site if you need it.

  5. Lauren Says:


  6. Данил Says:

    А я прошёл

  7. andrew Says:

    c’est quand le nouveau causality

  8. alexis Says:

    c’est quand le nouveau j’attend depuis 4 mois!

  9. manuel Says:

    como se pasa el causality 3

  10. manuel Says:

    no me puedo pasar el causality 3,turkey terror ni road rage

  11. !!!!!!!!! Says:

    че за ?

  12. pivot Says:

    este weno juegoo es papapita

  13. Kane Brown Says:

    you cant beat Causality Turkey Terror

    plz fix it iv clicked on evrything

  14. Kane Brown Says:


  15. carly shay Says:

    hey kane how are you and i played the game called Causality Turkey Terror and i got stuck to

  16. Kane Brown Says:


  17. stickman Says:

    PC or MAC?

  18. bethany Says:

    i love this game it gets my anger out……. and i do it for fun

  19. راكان الزهراني Says:

    انا ابغا تنزل لعبه السببيه 4

  20. andrew Says:

    c’est quand :(

  21. andrew Says:

    2jours promis :(

  22. alexis Says:


  23. Sabrina Says:

    This game is amazinq:)

  24. Sabrina Says:

    AlL these games are beatabLe,.!

  25. stickman Says:

    Wait till you play Causality 4. I can barely beat it and i’ve created it :)

  26. alexis Says:

    c’est drôle sa!(=

  27. bethany Says:

    i got 68 sec try to beat that!!!!!!

  28. Jase Says:


  29. Help! Says:

    yum. turkey!!!

  30. Rontoking Says:

    I won in 313 with the help of walkthrough!

  31. andrew Says:

    c’est quand le nouveau causality?!

  32. the mutant stickman Says:

    day 56 of waiting,im running out on supplies…….

  33. yenica Says:

    cant wait till casuality 4 comes out

  34. дёма Says:

    прикольнаяя игра

  35. дёма Says:

    а я знаю как пройти

  36. stickman Says Says:

    pfff on arrive pas

  37. alexis Says:

    dsl mon frere a écris dessus )=

  38. tyler Says:

    why would a guy kill himself

  39. stickman Says:


  40. find u self Says:

    make another casuality game…………please i enjoy this fucking game..don,t mad at mee…

  41. auki Says:

    67 seconds!!!

  42. Jase Says:

    bbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrlllll :-) game awsum man =D :D

  43. unknown Says:


  44. daniel Says:

    esta fasil

  45. daniel Says:

    yo no me ´paso el 3 y road raje

  46. aiden Says:

    please make a new casuality game! oh and don’t make it quite so hard

  47. aiden Says:


  48. James Larrian Says:

    These things are so hard to do…

  49. lilza Says:


  50. megan walby Says:


  51. irfan amrullah Says:

    cool game

  52. daniel Says:

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllll 54 seconds but andrew here ????

  53. bo Says:

    this is hard but i beat it

  54. kaitlynn Says:

    cant beat it help?

  55. james Says:

    i completed it woooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo

  56. james Says:

    i did it in 10 seconds I AM THE REAL MASTERMIND

  57. Amy Says:

    awesome game!!! beat it in 64 seconds!!!!

  58. danny Says:

    lol granpa gone boom

  59. erik Says:

    comsequi matar todos!!!!

  60. Денис Says:

    Как деда убить

  61. sarthak Says:

    its coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool boy!

  62. Kat Says:

    is the old man choking on toast? D:

  63. Denta Says:

    woooohoooo!!!!!!39 seconds!!!!

  64. stickman Says:

    lol, no hes trying to eat some toast before the turkey is served.

  65. robert Says:

    grandpa never goes over to the switch:(

  66. erik Says:

    plimeiro crick na nuvem ia a torradeira não funsiona. crick no cano aomde esta o relogio.o vovo vai ver que não vunsionou a lus emorre

  67. erik Says:

    yeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!66 segundos!!

  68. alize Says:

    how do u beat this!!!

  69. shane Says:


  70. DABOMB Says:

    1. Click the boy’s computer
    2. When the girl gets up from her bed click the radio
    3. Click the cloud
    4. Click the pipe
    5. Click the radio when the parent is upstairs
    6. When the boy gets electrocuted, click the bed support
    7. Click the toaster and the Grandpa will go get it
    8. When the parents cut their heads off, click the light switch: grandpa will light it and explode

    Notes: Click the toaster AFTER the boy gets electroucted. If you do it before, he won’t go to the light switch.

  71. DABOMB Says:

    Hey bethany I got 68 seconds too :)

  72. melissa Says:

    this is easy, rite?

  73. kaiden Says:


  74. kaiden Says:

    i played this game 4 times in row!:)

  75. kaiden Says:

    i know how to play causality 1,2,3 haloween and turkey teror!!!!!!!P)

  76. kaiden Says:

    how do you do smily faces?

  77. kaiden Says:


  78. stickmanmurderer Says:

    this game is so amazing it does`t load oo its so bad it should be on BRITANS GOT TALENT

  79. lola Says:

    esta re buenoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  80. erik Says:

    outra coisa:no dragon boll z infinite wrord depois de venser o yanta no saian saga,tenque derotar o kulilin depois derotar de novo o que fazer?
    tento de tudo mas nao consigo

  81. sam Says:

    it ou theres also causality 7 soon

  82. Grant Says:

    well the walkthrough on the site doesnt work because the person closed thier youtube account apparently

  83. stickman Says:

    It works! –

  84. ANTONY Says:

    logre matar a todos facilmente

  85. ANTONY Says:

    mate atodos facil :)

  86. corazon Says:

    mate a todos yeeeiiiii

  87. Anna Says:

    I beat it in 40 seconds!!!Lol!!! HaHa that’s funny!!!Lol!!!

  88. tontos tontos soys vosotros Says:

    tontos yo lo e conseguido en 15 segundos ya lose

    lose lose lose lose lose

  89. Haider Says:

    very hard

  90. awesomeness Says:

    this ones awesome!!! i like when the parents heads get chooped off with the turkey cutter!

  91. ярик2004 Says:

    я не могу убить деда =(

  92. zay says Says:

    how do i beat this

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