Causality Walkthrough

Watch the Official Causality Walkthrough / Cheat :-

Level 1 – Office Building

Level 2 – Ocean Park

Level 3 – Army Base

We also have Causality 2 Walkthrough and Causality Road Rage Walkthrough

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39 Responses to “Causality Walkthrough”

  1. dimitri Says:

    i love causality !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. kiddyassasin Says:

    to short

  3. tiffany Says:

    causality is da best eva lool i love it i have completed all of dem and i only used the cheats for the 3rd level of the first casuality the army base

    lovezz ya xxxx

  4. jennifer Says:

    i love causality so much i dont even bother to do anything all day i play them over and over again but its the best game i have ever played its so fun thanx 4 inventing the game whoever yu r k ………hahahhhahahaha

  5. stickman Says:

    Thanks! We enjoy making them

  6. Help! Says:

    how can I help on lv. 2?

  7. Help! Says:

    lv. 2 done!!!

  8. mikerulezu Says:

    make a text version

  9. a person who likes this game Says:

    this one was easy and only cheated on level 3 that army base one cool game man…

  10. Portia Says:

    I had to use cheats for all of them Mostly the army base

  11. Amalia Says:

    OH MY GOD whoever created this creative sickness: I LOVE YOOUUU!!!! *smooches*

  12. shafiu Says:

    I finished all of them but anyone tried click death?

  13. Confused Says:

    this is a silly game and whoever created it is sick and needs a hobby

  14. DeadStickfigure Says:

    i luv casuality its awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  15. :3 Says:

    I <3 this!

  16. always game Says:

    i love this..!!superb co0l..

  17. Hikari Says:

    On the first one, i can’t get the guy in the chair to die!!! I moved the picture, but he just fixes it and sits back down again… :/

  18. bryce Says:

    how do you get through the first level, the guy in the office is an ass

  19. Eminem Says:


  20. gatorade00 Says:

    how does the construction worker die on the 2nd level?????????

  21. stickman Says:

    He dies from Poo!

  22. Kitty Kat!! Says:

    How you kill the office guy is when the assistant guy walks in his office and wakes him up, right before he stops at the desk, keep clicking him and he will make some papers fall and the boss will trip on them and die… Buh byeee!

  23. StickCrazyKilla Says:

    the third level im in school and they block watching it so can u tell me how to do the army base

  24. Answers Says:


  25. I love ponies! Says:

    It’s awesome! trust me! I’ve done it 2 times :D

  26. RachO Says:

    i cant get past the army level grrrrr

  27. slapslapkickmyass Says:

    funny when proceeding to next lvl..stick grave!

  28. slapslapkickmyass Says:

    army base is easiest!

  29. kelcie Says:

    on level 1 i can’t get the guy on the right at the top of the building to die. i clicked on the pole but it just doesn’t fall.

  30. celeste Says:

    I really like this game its awesome!!!! :)

  31. rishi Says:

    in the second level of casuality 1, how does the guy in the sewer gets killed by a poop? ha ha…its really funny though

  32. waki Says:

    in the 3rd level of casualty how do i kill the stickmen

  33. guy Says:

    Thing on top of level 1 won’t break

  34. mariokart345 Says:

    How do you kill the guy in the tolite?

  35. YummyMummy22 Says:

    How on earth do you do Level 3 – I’ve been on this level for 3 weeks now and I need help on it please?

  36. tyler Says:

    how do u kill the guy in the sewer the guys say he gets killed by poop but iddono and the guy that drops his sandwich and the guy ont he toilet

  37. stickman Says:

    Hey Tyler,

    Try the Causality Walkthrough

  38. Karenziitha Says:

    <3 <3 <3 casuality <3 <3 <3

  39. kpnoel Says:

    i love it is awsome

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