Causality 4 is Here

While everyone has been enjoying the Latest Causality series, may of you have been asking what is next for this legendary game series. Well the developers have been busying already working on the next series. Plus they are not forgetting the world of mobile. We will always been dedicated to bringing you the latest updates of the new games and the very best walkthoughts. Keep a look out for Causality 4.

Play Causality 4

newest version of Causality














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349 Responses to “Causality 4 is Here”

  1. BR Says:

    I hope they do make another…

  2. stickman Says:

    We are! I will announce next week more details.

  3. kaitlyn Says:

    please make another

  4. stickman Says:

    Already in progress :)

  5. channing Says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzz i BEG OF U make another!I love this game alot

  6. brian Says:

    I hope your next game will be awsome and bloody

  7. brian Says:

    i hope there will be a causality crismas

  8. simon Says:

    i only hope will be a causality happy new year!!!haha!!

  9. oshshanay Says:

    i love this game i mean i love all of them it’s so cool i love it but i have hard times on 3,and the rest

  10. Mr.Goober Says:

    It has been 3 months and no sign of any new ones. When is there going to be a new one. The first four came out within 2 and a half months and its taken this long to make just one… Its Putting a lot of people on edge you will lose many fans.

  11. Mr.Goober Says:

    I have beaten all 4 on the first day that each one came out

  12. Mr.Goober Says:

    I am not mad i love the game I just want to play another. They are so much fun and i dont want it to end

  13. David Says:

    I hope that will be a party on some of causality 4 levels

  14. logan Says:

    new game!!!!!!!!

  15. BR Says:

    We are making a game, and we’re almost done.

  16. tommy Says:

    almost done :D can’t wait

  17. roby Says:

    is there going to be a christmas?? i wanna play it i was playing all of them hallowween was scary i did not finish it! :X

  18. roby Says:

    hmm yeah i agree with new years too. :)

  19. dfffsfs Says:

    whats holding u up guys? make it already! will it be a st patricks day one?

  20. stickman Says:

    Possibly, for now we are working hard on the next Causality game

  21. tyler Says:

    when is the new one coming out

  22. stickman Says:

    Soon, hopefully next month :)

  23. Данил Says:

    Надеюсь что выйдет скоро:-)

  24. Enkhsaruul Says:

    When does the next causality coming out? I can’t wait.Make it more interesting. YOU HEAR ME AUTHOR!!!!

  25. Enkhsaruul Says:

    I was a little bit mad about you cause it was taking so long.

  26. stickman Says:

    We hear you! Its being developed as we speak, next month will be released

  27. roby Says:

    ok i wait i love this game incase i wont be able next day and al the time because i will be at the theatures

  28. dfffsfs Says:

    we need a date

  29. BR Says:

    stickman, when are you going to send it to me so i can make the walkthrough?

  30. stickman Says:


  31. roby Says:

    hmm nice pic of the version looks hard and i like that!!! B) XD

  32. stickman Says:

    Yes this is the hardest Causality yet! I can barely complete a level

  33. roby Says:

    uh when is it comeing? is it in the 16th?

  34. stickman Says:

    Will be close to that date, yes

  35. roby Says:

    nice ok

  36. SwallowMask Says:

    I’m looking forward to use my blood-thirsty terror to the stick world

  37. SwallowMask Says:

    …yay death!!!

  38. stickman Says:

    Very Blood-Thirsty!

  39. dfffsfs Says:

    just release it now. screw walkthroughs and release it now.

  40. roby Says:

    uh i could wait but hurry

  41. roby Says:

    you could screw the walckthrough and do it later
    so we could play

  42. alexis Says:

    sa va etre super!

  43. fredrik Says:

    :) :O :D

  44. harrison Says:

    time to kill again

  45. harrison Says:

    I think its time to sort the stick men out

  46. MacGruber Says:

    Hey whats the date of the Causality 4 release? me and my friends are dying for it to come out.

  47. stickman Says:

    Target is for the last week of april

  48. Pacman Says:

    hey what happed to myh comments there gone and also did u use any and if not will ya

  49. stickman Says:

    Sorry we lost them when we moved servers.

  50. Pacman Says:

    awwwwwwww thats lame I had good ideas too

  51. tommy Says:

    *sitting waiting for causality 4…look at the bottom it says “with the 3rd game just around the corner.” that needs to be updated lol, just a thought.

  52. The Nut Cracker Says:


  53. adrian Says:

    i got a killer causality game for you causality: ufo

  54. راكان الزهراني Says:

    يارب تنزل العبها يارب

  55. راكان الزهراني Says:

    انا احب العبه مرة مرة مرة مرة مرة يارب تنزل و العبه مش انا بس كل اصدقائي الموجودين هنا يارب

  56. MEmeME Says:


  57. MEmeME Says:

    What about in a library? a whole bookcase could fall over – hardbacks hurt a LOT you know…

  58. راكان الزهراني Says:

    خلاص خلاص بنتحر في اي يوم تنزل العبه قولو لي ارجوكم ما اقدر اتحمل تكفون قولو لي تكفون!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Stick-man-damn Says:

    hey aslong as it doesn’t #%@$ up like the Thanksgiving one did then cool.

  60. Pacman Says:

    Hey cool u used BRs idea for the airport

  61. Pacman Says:

    hey did u use any of my ideas if not will ya

  62. stickman Says:


  63. Pacman Says:

    yep to you did or you will oh and try my email please I would love to get some heads up please reply your deathly Pacman

  64. RocknRedneck19 Says:

    *jonseing for a new stickman murder game*
    C-come on man, I just need one hit! Lemme smack that stickman with a bat one time man!

    Can’t wait for the next one!

  65. robert Says:

    when is the release

  66. stickman Says:

    Early May

  67. راكان الزهراني Says:

    نزلت العبه ولا لا اذا نزلت قولو لي اسم الموقع ارجوكم

  68. toboy Says:

    hurry up we want the game and we need it now

  69. Mr.Goober Says:

    it is taking so long how many levels are there any way

  70. stickman Says:

    Only 3. Game is finished, waiting on now, as they sponsor it.

  71. David Says:

    Why they don’t make a causality: Party disaster. I imagined that. It’s like a home where is throwed party and there’s a neighbours house and he is often calling to shut music off. Good idea. Isn’t it?

  72. Pacman Says:

    will it be online today or when cause i cant wait

  73. stickman Says:

    not today! few weeks

  74. Pacman Says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwww but you said it be done early this month stupid making us wait even longer

  75. alexis Says:

    le 15 mai?

  76. kenny Says:

    wann kommt causality 4 raus

  77. Neal Says:

    cant u put it on the official site now without the sponsors????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  78. Neal Says:

    why is the spacing like that?

  79. stickman Says:

    Like what?

  80. stickman Says:

    No we can’t sorry.

  81. win32 Says:

    What only 3 levels?
    Why only 3?!

  82. toboy Says:

    this is so stupid we waited for about a year with no new causality now is making us wait even longer

  83. stickman Says:

    I know, but they paid for it.

  84. toboy Says:

    do you have a date for the game day yet

  85. stickman Says:

    Nope sorry.

  86. Michael Says:

    toboy they did make a Thanksgiving one in November its been only half a year

  87. toboy Says:

    oh yea i forgot

  88. toboy Says:

    neal is right it doesn’t make any sense tell us why you can’t put it on the official site

  89. Yeti Says:


  90. Jase Says:

    when is gonna come out dude?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  91. joshua miguel Says:

    please release d game

  92. راكان الزهراني Says:

    انا كتبت على قوقل لعبه السببيه4 بعدين دخلت على بعدين جابو لي لعبه حقت اطفال يقولون هذةلعبه السببيه4

  93. Pacman Says:

    But (no offence) turky terror wasnt to good

  94. stickman Says:

    Yeah it was rushed a bit

  95. راكان الزهراني Says:

    نا واثق فيك stickman

  96. راكان الزهراني Says:

    انا واثق فيك بائنك بتحمل العبه انا واثق فيك ميه بال ميه stick man

  97. Pacman Says:

    i cant remember but didnt i have the skiing idea? i know br had the airport oh also what was up with road rage?

  98. Jase Says:

    when is going to came causality 4???
    i am on my nerves!!!!!

  99. stickman Says:

    Yes i think you did. Whats wrong with RR?

  100. Pacman Says:

    Road rage was differnt because of the whole sieries of event causeing one huge explosion

  101. marked man Says:

    how long do we have to wait?me and my brother love this game and we want more!

  102. alexis Says:

    moi je trouve les causality tous biens (=

  103. Neal Says:

    thanks for agreeing with me toboy and they should tell us why they cant at least put 1 part on the official site i mean just 1 level would make us less angry

  104. toboy Says: are losing alot of fans stickman. and why didn’t you put a game for us to play while we were waiting like RR.

  105. stickman Says:

    Patience! , we are working on another game that won’t require a sponsor to be released.

  106. toboy Says:

    you should not have said every one’s going to ask………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  107. toboy Says:

    WHEN WHEN WHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO GET VERY ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. toboy Says:

    oh yea and when will it come out!!!

  109. Jase Says:


  110. The Nut Cracker Says:

    Hey I got an idea! If you can’t finish it in time, you can make a demo of each new game your making. The demo version is to show us maybe 1-3 levels just to give us an idea of the new game. And the full version will be out once it’s done.

  111. marked man Says:

    is there a holiday theme for the next causality your making?

  112. stickman Says:

    There are only 3 levels of the new game!

  113. stickman Says:


  114. toboy Says:

    do you have a date for the game like rr

  115. stickman Says:

    no sorry!



  117. roby Says:

    (fucking around) come on!!!! :’( please you are making us angry 3 months you said early may!! and last week of april!!!!

  118. toboy Says:

    aww man. im seriously getting sick of waiting i am getting to the breaking point i might stop being a fan of causality

  119. marked man Says:

    r u gonna make causality 5?i’m just asking

  120. stickman Says:

    maybe :)

  121. marked man Says:

    how about a heaven level in causality 5?or a zombie apocalypse level?

  122. marked man Says:

    i really want those in the causality collection

  123. marked man Says:

    guys b patient.u guys rly like causality then wait.i’m sure causality 4 is worth waiting 4.besides,while d game is not yet around,y don’t u think of ways on how 2 kill d stickmen.u got the trailer and the picture.

  124. marked man Says:

    i’m also a little bit angry but i’m sure this will b a great causality.

  125. marked man Says:

    keep making causality so that my grandchildren’s grandchildren could play it.LOL

  126. dfffsfs Says:

    In a previous comment you said it would be out on the last week of April. I’m writing this on the 13th of May and it’s still not out.

  127. stickman Says:

    We are still waiting for the sponsors to add the achievements and high-scores.

  128. Neal Says:

    who cares about that stuff??????????????????????? JUST LET US PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. toboy Says:

    neal is right who cares about competing against other people we don’t evan know

  130. roby Says:

    yeah i am (fuking around) just get it out you are having a lot of arguments!!! about this and highscores who ever played this yet!!!!

  131. marked man Says:

    why d hell do we need high scores and achievements?no wonder it’s delayed.

  132. marked man Says:

    i’m not rushing anyone i just want to play d game

  133. Michael Says:


  134. marked man Says:

    how about hollywood,party,jail,school,eifel tower,barber shop,zoo,traffic,futuristic,cave man days,opera house,museum for causality 5.sry i’m just filled with ideas and at d same time very impatient.

  135. The Nut Cracker Says:

    If you can’t finish it in time, make a demo version of it.

  136. راكان الزهراني Says:

    اجل كيف السببيه1 والسببيه 2 والسببيه3 السببيه الهالوين و السببيه غضب الطريق و ا لسببيه الرهاب التركي تحملت بهاذي السرعه اما السببيه4 بطيئه جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا جدا

  137. Jase Says:

    he is right,no one cares about achievements

  138. Neal Says:

    yeah i mean ur loosing fans faster then ever now

  139. راكان الزهراني Says:

    هي لعبه وحده بس ما يمديكم تحملونها

  140. toboy Says:

    hurry up. put the game on the site or i will never play causality again. so you will lose some money.

  141. Alex Says:

    guys dont you think youve gone too far.i mean stop the yelling around the page,because the words r olredy geting of the page!

  142. roby Says:

    realease it now !!!! we command it !! :’( ther next two days if there is no causality 4 i am out of chatting!!

  143. jacob Says:

    its taking a really long time! i mean if your gonna post something saying that the game is gonna be here really soon and its been a long time since you said that and its not here then its stupid!

  144. Pacman Says:

    Everyone who wont stop complaining is stupid and need to shut up and if you boycott it then that makes the chances of new causality games happening so just shut up people

  145. Michael Says:

    you shut up idiot

  146. marked man Says:

    my god!you guys are turning against causality,everyone’s FAVORITE game just because it’s not yet here.HOW IRONIC!

  147. راكان الزهراني Says:

    نا ابغا العبه الان!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!خلاص صبرنا بما فيه الكفايه اتركو الالعاب الاخرى وابدو تحملون العبه

  148. aleks Says:

    comon man relise it now!!!!!!!
    and if you wont do it faster then!

    I mean it slowkoches!

  149. jacob Says:

    no ones actually going to boycott everyone is just on edge (including me) mainly because were told its going to be put out on certain dates and its not so we need to pull on extra patience and just stop fighting with each other!

  150. Pacman Says:

    dont call me an idiot but you know what im not goingto get involvede any more im mean stickman hasnt

  151. Michael Says:

    im not commenting until the game is released

  152. Jase Says:

    this was my fucking last comment thanks for nothing you idiots

  153. Yeti Says:

    i agree with jase,you guys screwd this time,i am out this shit

  154. roby Says:

    i am fucking around so much i am mad crazy for that game!!

  155. marked man Says:

    c’mon guys,do u rly want to do this?u gonna keep yelling and complaining if they make causality 5 and it’s not yet around.look i’m getting angry too but i don’t like causing any trouble!do u even realize that while u r waiting for d game and at the same time making enemies along d way.think about it.

  156. marked man Says:

    what d f****** hell do i have 2 say 2 stop u guys from complaining and yelling.

  157. aleks Says:

    oh,shut up!pacman

  158. Neal Says:

    seriously you need to release the game soon because this wait is causing you to loose fans and everyone who comments is fighting like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this problem is now worse than ever if you could just do somthing to stop all this fighting everything can just go back to normal!!!!!!!!!!!! if you do make a causality 5……… then dont let this happen again. and im talking mainly to you stickman so i hope you resopnd to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. stickman Says:

    But I love the fighting :)

  160. Neal Says:

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  161. jacob Says:

    im confused here with stickman he loves the fighting??? i guess i just didnt get the memo!

  162. Neal Says:

    thats probably why he isnt interfering with the fighting

  163. Pacman Says:

    Sorry stickman but i cant handle all of this fighting caused by a game not bieng out yet i mean seruosly so until it stops im done commenting sorry

  164. aleks Says:

    stickman did you realy finish it?

  165. Neal Says:

    whats his email address?????????

  166. stickman Says:


  167. Jase Says:

    guys seryously look what this game is doing to us!!
    lok what we are becaming!!!
    monsters!!just because a stupid game!!
    think people!!think at least for a moment!!!!!!!!!

  168. Dawn of dead Says:

    man ho fuck this motherfucking shit in our damn screwd fucking life!!!!!i fucking hate and now i fucking hate causality4 1 2 3 tt h and rr

  169. Neal Says:

    look i emailed anton and am waiting for a response. the game might be up tommarow or thursday

  170. marked man Says:

    i think i know why stickman loves the fighting.either he likes people arguing or he likes the fact that causality is a popular game.because of the fighting,stickman knows that causality wants to be played by short,more arguing, more he knows d game ia a must played game. am i right?

  171. راكان الزهراني Says:

    انها لعبه وحده جعلتنا جميعا وحوش الا ترون انا stick man قسونا على stick man انه يحاول ليللا ونهارا ويجب جميعا ان نشجعه لكي يحمل العبه تخيلو مثلا مثلا باك مان هو يمكنه تحميل العبه ونحن نقول حمل العبه حمل العبه الن يحزن اليس كذالك يجب الان ان نتوقف عن الاحتجاجات ونبدا بتشجيع ستك مان هيا

  172. Dawn of dead Says:

    seryously jase??you are a big dumb emo(jejejejejejejeje)

  173. Neal Says:

    i hope anton emails me back soon

  174. tommy Says:

    the game will come out at the end of next mouth <–jk :D but if you think it doesn't come until next mouth you all will shut up about it ha.

  175. marked man Says:

    hey causality 4 isn’t released yet?again i’m not rushing any1….oh who am i kidding?release it already!!!!!!!!

  176. aleks Says:

    “oh shut up tom! looser,u see if you’r going to waste all the peoples time every one is going to blame YOU!!!”


  177. dfffsfs Says:

    first of all will people please stop swearing? no matter how many times you type fuck causality 4 will not be out any sooner. complainig about highscores acheivements wont make a difference. and seriously, if the next game doesnt come out sooner you will stop being a fan?
    whee the hell is the sense in that? if everyone thought that way it would have stopped at causality ad people wouldn’t evenn have dreamed what causality 4 would be like. though please keep fighting it amuses me. especially when people say they are done commenting until the game comes out then post a comment 2 hours later.

  178. Mr TheGrimReaper Says:

    i come back to this website everyday to see how many people post hateful comments but still like causality it makes my

  179. aleks Says:

    i agree with you mr theGrimReaper=)

  180. Pacman Says:

    i agree

  181. dfffsfs Says:

    i agree too

  182. Dawn of dead Says:

    i hate you dfffsfs!!!do not you see that Jase stop commenting you fuck???!!! DON`T YOU SEE???

  183. Yeti Says:


  184. Rontoking Says:

    If you dont give us Causality 4 Ill,Ill…Ill be really mad at you… or something like that

  185. marked man Says:

    i also agree

  186. stickman Says:

    ??? We did ?

  187. marked man Says:

    WTF?i couldn’t it on yeti!or am ibeing punk’d……..AGAIN!

  188. marked man Says:

    stickman,did they release it or not?

  189. dfffsfs Says:

    dawn of the dead saying that you hate someone on a comments post for a game really says a lot about your character.

  190. ploop Says:

    dont take a psyche dawn of the dead all dfffsfs said was that everyone is fighting over a pointless thing. it’s just a game people get over it.

  191. stickman Says:

    No they havent

  192. jacob Says:

    i hope that it will be released SOON i cant wait any longer!!!

  193. Causality fan Says:


    Why don’t YOU shut up?

  194. marked man Says:


  195. stickman Says:

    Yes well you’ll see soon enough, I can tell you its really harder than the first 3. Probably about the same difficulty as Road Rage was..

  196. marked man Says:

    causality 4=awesomeness,coolness,greatness and A GAME THAT ISN’T RELEASED YET

  197. marked man Says:

    is my math equation correct?

  198. marked man Says:

    wait!stickman what do u mean by”harder than the first 3″?respond please if u r still awake!oh!my math equation was wrong!causality=(awesomess*greatness)-boredom

  199. marked man Says:

    status:annoyed by lil bro.waiting 4 d game 2 b released!a shirtless guy was biking passed my house and saying rude words………AGAIN!

  200. marked man Says:

    i know this isn’t facebook but i like saying that 2 u guys and i’ll c what reactions will i get.

  201. marked man Says:

    still waiting 4 awesomeness 2 strike!sorry if i’m annoying doing a lot of fun things 4 an entire week bcoz summer is gonna end here in the’s so suckish!it’s back 2 books,homeworks,screaming teachers telling me 2 b quiet(sigh)

  202. marked man Says:

    and one of those things i’m gonna do b4 summer ends s playing causality 4.

  203. Mr TheGrimReaper Says:

    i sure hope that it is hard :)
    make a Causality Grim Reaper one lol :D

  204. stickman Says:

    More difficult to complete is what i mean.

  205. stickman Says:


  206. Mr TheGrimReaper Says:

    “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

    so all of the Angry people here must be afraid that Causality 4 will never come out.

  207. stickman Says:


  208. Yeti Says:

    i am kiddong believe on everything marked man.LOL

  209. Dawn of the dead Says:

    FINNALY you guys understand it(MAN).

  210. Jase Says:

    it was me who passed your house shirtless marked man

  211. Pacman Says:

    ROFL Jase

  212. JesussaurusRex Says:

    What’s taking so long?

  213. Nobody Says:

    Find another sponsor. is a piece of shit!

  214. the pro XD Says:

    omg everyone stopped commenting lol

  215. Mr TheGrimReaper Says:

    @the pro XD
    its because they are afraid of the Grim Reaper LOL

  216. Mr TheGrimReaper Says:

    i’m just asking why don’t you use to upload your games to that site?
    its a great site

  217. stickman Says:

    We do have some games on kong. It used to be a great site, now its owned by a large company (gamestop) so it’s all about profits now.

  218. Mr TheGrimReaper Says:

    i still like Kong because i can earn achievements for the games i play

  219. راكان الزهراني Says:

    قلت لك اترك الالعاب الاخرى و ابدا بتحميل العيه وانا لست غاضب اريد العبه لاني اشعر بالممل بقيت الالعاب سخيفه وهذه العبه سوبر رائعه هيا يا ستك مان

  220. ploop Says:

    nobody, say that again

  221. Mr TheGrimReaper Says:

    @ ploop
    thats Arabic if you copy all those symbols and run them through Google translate…

  222. lance Says:


  223. ploop Says:

    @ mr thegrimreaper i wasn’t talking to the guy speaking arabic i was talking to nobody, who said that is a piece of shit, when in fact it’s a great website for finding old and forgotten games, as the front page isn’t whats new, its featured games.

  224. roby Says:


  225. Mr TheGrimReaper Says:


    Oh… i agree its a great place to go 2 if you are bored

  226. Mr TheGrimReaper Says:

    i thought i would just comment for may 31st :)

  227. stickman Says:

    Well Hi!, We are working hard with to get the game released. Possibly (and I mean, possibly) target for release this week!

  228. yenica Says:

    it better be next week or im going to seriously forget casulity exsists

  229. yenica Says:

    im not kidding

  230. yenica Says:

    stickman, you are a sick person for loving the fighting

  231. Mr TheGrimReaper Says:

    i bet you wont forget lol :D

  232. jacob Says:

    if its coming out this week than i can definitly wait on it i just hope its worth the wait

  233. Mr TheGrimReaper Says:

    So? and what if it wont come out this week
    what will you do?
    i have been waiting for fancy pants world 3
    to come out, longer then all of the people waiting for causality 4 to come out :/
    and i can wait longer

  234. the pro XD Says:

    yea i hope it comes out this week. i cant wait lol

  235. Pacman Says:

    june 5th is my b_day so if causalty 4 came out on it (highly unlikly) that would be sweet but hey im will be ever loyal to oh and have you tried as a sponser cause untill i found this site i used it to find the newest causalty soooo just a thouhgt so then uhm……………………………….TACOS

  236. yenica Says:

    @Mr.TheGrimReaper you are right i won’t forget buti will be pissed off if it doesn’t come out next week

  237. Pacman Says:

    Hey i found a new game on called clickdeath its just like causality and its tricky one level only but hey just a thouht i hope that this is something that may help with ur wait

  238. stickman Says:

    Yes I played it, nice game.

  239. Pacman Says:

    yeah i hope this will help calm things down a bit

  240. haru Says:


  241. roby Says:

    can you please![:( hurry up :’(

  242. roby Says:


  243. jacob Says:

    @ mr.TheGrimReaper games these days just dont come out as soon as they used to its always the good games u have to wait long for. but always the bad games u have to play to pass the time till they come out.

  244. Mr TheGrimReaper Says:


  245. ANTIKILLER Says:

    Thats epic!
    Im a huge fan of the series!
    I like the game because of the creative deaths.
    And for the matter of fact that it has stick figures.

  246. roby Says:


  247. RocknRedneck19 Says:

    Saw and played ClickDeath. Good game, but it just made me want Causality 4 even more!! You devious developers!! Any news on when bored is finally going to release Causality 4? Stickman has been saying “Soon” for almost 2 months now.

  248. stickman Says:

    It’s still soon :(

  249. roby Says:

    :( :( :p

  250. Jase Says:

    guys look on youtube for “causality sucks” thing is getting serious now more than ever!!!

  251. stickman Says:

    What is supposed to be found?

  252. Michael Says:

    i tried and nothing came up jase

  253. sly_cooper Says:

    wow! XD

  254. راكان الزهراني Says:

    استمر يا مايكل استمر و ما هو الشي الذي جائك؟

  255. Steve Says:

    Can’t wait !!!

  256. Ivana Says:

    When the flip is it gonna come out?!

  257. stickman Says:

    Hahaha, I’ve seen the preview as well, prehaps its already out and it takes some causality thinking to find it!

  258. Mr TheGrimReaper Says:

    i have a comment about your comment i have not found it yet
    so if that comment is a joke its not a very good one….

    im not mad ether way lol

  259. the pro XD Says:

    well…. we are waiting lol

  260. Alex Says:

    i know you’re trying to make it quick but can u do something to stop making “ClickDEATH”!!!

    I know it’s fun but in 1 game is only 1 level!




  261. Alex Says:


  262. jonathan Says:

    when will it be realised we waited a year and a lot of monthes please put it out do you have a date and i know why you put it on so you can get more people to play but who cares about the only your fans care so publish it already now please put when its out ok i will be keeping an eye out for the comment so put the damn date who agrees with me

  263. Owen Says:

    I’m not that angry, just slightly annoyed and yes, jonathan, I do agree that they should put the date out but probably has lots of games they want to put out and they’re waiting for a special even for causality 4 to come out.

  264. Owen Says:


  265. me! Says:

    stickman you saying you have played and enjoyed clickdeath is a blatant plug

  266. stickman Says:

    Click death is a fun game, but its wasn’t created by us. It’s a different series.

  267. jonthan Says:

    stickman tell usthe date to the game

  268. stickman Says:

    It’s getting very close…. I know they are integrating it as we speak to the high-scores

  269. Raziel The Dragon Says:

    By “getting very close” do you mean withing a week or by the end of the month???

  270. Raziel The Dragon Says:

    I know i shouldnt be posting this but go to HTH studios if you want to have a “good gameing experience” he he he…

  271. Raziel The Dragon Says:

    on the first post i made a little spelling mistake:within*

  272. Pacman Says:

    wierd clickdeath says its form and i quote ‘The makers of Causality’ odd

  273. stickman Says:

    One of the original creators of the series yes. He has long moved onto many other games and series.

  274. toboy Says:

    @ stickman who fucking cares about hi-scores really i just want to play

  275. Fariz Says:

    how long we take time for this?

  276. Fariz Says:

    its really boring.

  277. JesussaurusRex Says:

    This is gonna just like duke nukem forever.

  278. Jase Says:


    (original speak)

    …TO DIE NOW!!!


  279. Fariz Says:

    i already play all of causality series. so pleas make causality 4 sooner.

  280. waiter Says:

    Why does it take to moths to make such a game?

  281. yo yo yo Says:

    dude its been 2 mouths now it aint coming out i think clickdeath is new cauilty but it cant we need causity

  282. راكان الزهراني Says:

    انا حقا فقدت حماسي بالعبه

  283. Mr TheGrimReaper Says:

    i was just just enjoying summer…
    why cant every one else?

  284. stickman Says:

    Good question, it really doesn’t. The game has been finished for some time. We are waiting on bored . com

  285. Fariz Says:

    i will see this again one month i hope its already finished.

  286. yo yo yo Says:

    look its just a scqam cauilty 4 aint coming out so lets just leave it we need more cauilty i think clickdeath is cauisilty i rlly like this site but its been 2 months so it not coming out stickman and my hopes were up for cauilty 4 that must be a fake vid

  287. roby Says:


  288. auberto Says:

    eu quero jogar causality 4 mais até agora ñ vi nem um causality 4porque ainda tem já faz tanto tempo e num chego!!!!!!

  289. Owen Says:

    Oi guys, stop yelling at stickman, it’s not his fault. It’s’s fault because stickman can’t control what the people want to do. Yes, stickman makes causality, but are the people who release it. That gives me an idea. Stickman, can you maybe put it out on this website so we don’t have to wait on

  290. stickman Says:

    They have sponsored the game so we can’t release it early sorry.

  291. Fariz Says: is sucks

  292. Himarat1 Says:

    Hay stickman, Ignore The Haters, The suspence is a good thing wheather the fans like it or not. HATERS GUNNA HATE.
    Could you also email me if you read this? i wanna chat a little for game reasons like art and things to put in the backround

  293. Jase Says:

    can u shut up???
    we hav a fuckin reason to hate causality
    1:they promised us that would came out in APRIL !!!!!
    2:i have a new channel on youtube and…i wanted if u guys saw the vids like “causality walkthrough” >:D

  294. boricua1234ivi Says:

    >.< i am pissed! when is it coming out

  295. Owen Says:

    I guess you guys weren’t really fans of causality. I mean seriously, so they got it a month late but I bet when causality 4 comes out, you’ll be like “Oh, yeah it FINALLY came out, but I’m not angry, I like causality.” Then we’ll look at this and we’ll be like “Yeah I totally believe you since you all posted comments that said how much you hate causality.”

    P.S @Jase – You either can’t spell or doesn’t know much about proper grammar.

  296. Owen Says:

    Oh DAMNIT! I made a mistake while insulting someone for their grammar. I meant “You either can’t spell or DON’T know much about proper grammar.

  297. Jams143 Says:

    Lol im Excited :) Hahahhaaha ICant wait to Play this game again and Watch Walkthroughs hehehehhe ;)

  298. Jams143 Says:

    Maybe It Will Be High Definition or 3D hahahaha Causality 4 Is Very Awesome Icant wait :D
    (Jams143)lol :D

  299. yo yo yo Says:

    ITs not stickmans falut its the creators and it ainto coming out reply stick man

  300. Fariz Says:

    how long is gonna take stickman please answer.

  301. stickman Says:

    It’s being worked on, really not long now.

  302. Jase Says:

    wait wait! what you said owen???you known,go do your homework man!i mean,can u plz don’t said bad things about the others? c’mon don’t say that man.

  303. Dawn of the dead Says:

    LOL i believe causality 4 will be out April 2012
    and 1 month by 1 month they will say that’s gonna came out soon :@ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  304. causalityuborfan Says:


  305. Pacman Says:

    FInnaly Wooooo

  306. Michael Says:


  307. Himarat1 Says:

    Nice “Stickman” Cant wait to review it.
    And The New Banner Should Be Done By Friday or saterday

  308. luqman Says:

    gimana caranya casualiity 4

  309. Moana Says:

    Steps to beat Level 1 :)

    1: click the bottom archer 1&2 must be done fast
    2: click the archer on the tower
    3: as the little “boat” stops click on the bottom archer
    4: when he gets next to the alligator click on him and the alligator will eat him
    5: click on the top archer once
    6: click on one of the wheels of the catapult(when it shoots it will slightly open the gate)
    7: click on the swordsman,as he walks toward the gate click on the guy shooting the catapult and he will get launched,once the swordsman is at the edge click on the gate and he will crushed by the gate(this must be done fast)
    8: click on a cloud to change the direction of the wind
    9: click on the top archer and he will get killed by his own arrow
    10: click on the horse

    Tahhh dahhhh! lol :)

  310. Pacman Says:

    now if i could only beat lvl 3 im able to kill 3 sticks one i know 4 sure is the correct death

  311. the pro XD Says:


  312. RocknRedneck19 Says:


  313. James Says:

    Hey all what is the walk through for the rest of it ?

  314. Raziel The Dragon Says:

    *in nicks voice from L4D2*

  315. stickman Says:

    walkthrough coming soon

  316. Christopherlamm1 Says:

    I merked everyone on level 3 but it won’t progress. What is wrong with it, is there a glitch?

  317. the pro XD Says:

    hey stickman give me a hint on how to kill the stickman that’s taking a dump

  318. the pro XD Says:

    forget it i already beat it and im the only 1 who submited my highscore damn it was tricky u needed to be pretty fast

  319. Fariz Says:

    luqman kamu dari indonesia

  320. Mr.Goober Says:

    wow you guys disappoint me. First you take so long to release it then u make it impossible to start the game. Its not letting me play and half the fans

  321. stickman Says:

    Do you have a mac? If so there are some issues with how it plays on a mac (or doesn’t play more like it) but this should be fixed soon.

  322. Mr.Goober Says:

    And u know what else you brought disappointment to all people waiting and wanting to play

  323. stickman Says:

    It’s actually working now I was told.

  324. tommy Says:

    i killed everyone on level 2 and nothing happens clock just keeps going up 0.0

  325. Mr TheGrimReaper Says:

    :D Thank you Developers i want the 5th one now xD

  326. boricua1234ivi Says:

    i’s so fricking hard!

  327. stickman Says:


  328. stickman Says:

    Yup! I don’t think many people have beaten it yet

  329. stickman Says:

    Strange… Does this always happen?

  330. Pacman Says:

    yeah stickman for me when i kill every one on lvl 2 the clock runs for a bit then the lvl ends odd? also how the crud do u kill the guy pooping in lvl 3

  331. the pro XD Says:

    stickman u are a very clever bastard lol

  332. me! Says:

    stickman it’s impossible to get to level three i killed everyone in level 2 no one saw each other die but it just kepps acting like theres more to do

  333. Pacman Says:

    i beat the game and i say the hardest death to achieve is in lvl 2 the baggage checker

  334. marked man Says:

    hey guys i know i haven’t commenting in a while bcoz of wi fi problems but FINALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY causality 4 is here.pacman you should click on the baggage a hundred times not the stickman.

  335. Dawn of the dead Says:

    hy i needed a walkthrough 4 level 3 man
    plz can anyone help me ?

  336. me! Says:

    so i wait for aaaaaages then i find out that i cant play it on this site(i dont have a mac btw its microsoft) and when i play it on bored it wont let me play lvl 3. perfect. thanks so much for telling me there are three levels and only lettting me play 2 of them.

  337. stickman Says:

    What is the problem with level 3, why can’t you play it? What is it doing? This is the first report of this not working I have heard.

  338. Pacman Says:

    Lvl 3 Walkthough
    1. click squilell this will kill one man the squill once dude dies
    3.wait for 2nd guy guy on the lift to be between the first and second poles then click him then click tflag then the dude as he dangles killing him
    4click on the snowboarder as he goes off the ramp killing him and the other guy(ps snow covers the guy from the lift so dont worry)
    5.lastly click the guy with the axe and once hes inside click the tree to the left of the wood pile then keep clicking the Squillel till its on the chimmney then click it once more and Bam you win ohh tell me what u thought was the hardest death to get ok _-

  339. hkisona Says:

    love the dam game so much i hope there is a 5th 6th 7 8 9 10 n so on cant wait :D

  340. hkisona Says:

    the game is not workinggggg
    it doesnt take me to lev 3 in causality 4 please fix it

  341. 12IrateGamerFan21 Says:

    sorry I meant Causality 4

  342. Pacman Says:

    Stickman i have a idae for the next causality game its simple CONSTUTION SITE with nail guns heavy beams hights drunk workers falling objects and cement sooooooo u see
    will u try my idea

  343. stickman Says:

    Sure i will,it would be pretty cool!

  344. Pacman Says:

    thx i cant beliee that hadnt even been used yet by casality oh and give credit ohh stickman i have a name if its a mini call it Safty Hazard

  345. me! Says:

    stickman i dont kno why it wont let me advance past level 2 but others have been having the same problem and i have made sure all the stickmen are dead. any ideas why?

  346. me! Says:

    btw it just stops on the screen of level 2 and the timer keeps going

  347. XVeris Says:

    LOVE Causality games, and i got a few ideas for them, lol:

    Campground. Bear Attack!!
    Boxing Ring. *Ring! Ring!* *Bloodspurt*
    Mine. Careful of the Bridges, you might have a long FAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL…..!

    Thats all I have, sadly :( I’ll try to think of more!!

  348. alexis Says:

    c’est quand le nouveau! j’ai deja fait tout )=

  349. nick Says:

    i hope theirs causaltiy new year

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