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About Causality

Flash games are always a good way to kill some time, and it would seem that some of the better and more entertaining ones always involve the brutal murder of stick people. Causality is no exception.

The concept of the game couldn’t be simpler. The player is presented with a group of stick people hard at work (I can assume they’re supposed to be working, since the game is set in an office, a really unsafe construction site, and an army base). It’s the player’s job to make sure that not one of these stick people survive their work day by causing a number of fatal accidents. The deaths in the game go from incredibly simple (guess how you kill the guy standing at the edge of a roof) to complex enough to require a walkthrough (one involves a hard hat, a flushing toilet, and a guy in a sewer). Overall it’s a bloody, brutal, and really satisfying way to kill some time.

There are two major drawbacks to the game. First of all, it’s really short. It’s only three levels long, and one would think that the programmers could come up with countless creative environments in which to unleash all sorts of bloody mayhem. Second of all, some of the solutions to the levels are really obscure. For example, I don’t know how someone stumbling across this game is going to figure out that he or she has to click on two tiny cracks in a ceiling to kill one stick person. Fortunately for gamers who are too impatient to spend ridiculous amounts of time finding the correct solutions to all the levels, there’s a handy walkthrough on the game’s site. In what seems to be a growing trend for walkthroughs for flash puzzle games, the walkthrough for Causality is presented in the form of a series of videos showing the solution to each level. In that way it’s more of a “playthrough” than a walkthrough, but it’s effective. The videos show the best solution for each level in quick playthroughs, and while this gamer missed one step on the second level walkthrough simply because it went by so quickly any experienced gamer should be able to ensure that all the stick people meet gruesome ends in a fairly short order. Besides, the videos that make up the walkthrough may provide some entertainment of their own for those who just want to see some gruesomely funny stick death without having to play the game itself.

Causality is a fun little flash game for those who can appreciate a morbid sense of humor. It is difficult without some help, but for a lot of people that’s the fun of it.

109 Responses to “Causality”

  1. ciara danielle Says:

    how do you kill these people???

  2. stickman Says:

    We have a walkthrough if you get stuck!

  3. johnny Says:

    this is such a fun game you should put all causality’s
    in the app store on the ipod touch,there could be causality,causality 2,causality 3,causality:road rage,and
    causality:halloween,they could be sold seperately or in a pack for 3.99!!!

  4. CheesySmiles Says:

    You should make a Christmas Causality and there could be a Santa who crashes his sled into a chimney and thepeople in the house start screaming and little killer elfs could come! That would be so funny and awesome at the some time!!

  5. CheesySmiles Says:

    Its weird in the first level that if you press the green button on the elevator (it should turn red) on the top floor when the guy is out of it, and when he messes up the servettes, then you make the boss come to change the picture when he slips and cracks his head open upon the desk the guy waiting for the elevator to open doesn’t notice!! I also love the dropping elevator, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! LOL!

  6. pivot Says:

    estos niveles son papa , ¿y el nivel 3?

  7. CooooookieMonster Says:

    How do u kill the guy at the desk on the top floor? And the computer guy on the bottom floor?? PLZ HELP.

  8. stickman Says:

    Causality Walkthrough

  9. bethany Says:

    love it

  10. Jase Says:


  11. Yeti Says:


  12. راكان الزهراني Says:

    ختمت كل الاجزاءالجزء الي ما ختمته السببيه4

  13. oscar Says:

    do more please

  14. PICADURA Says:


  15. daniel Says:

    heasy :-o

  16. iry loh liv Says:

    this game is fun !

  17. WERDDDOOO Says:


  18. bonesnapper Says:

    hey, this is awesome! best game evr! i’ve completed causality 1 2 and 3. i’ve also done the thanks giving and halloween one!

  19. thayane Says:

    eu falo portugues :)

  20. WERDDDOOO Says:


  21. Jason Voorhees Says:

    …(Jason don’t talk)

  22. Lionel Messi Says:

    OMG its so cool cuasalitygame is out its awsome:D

  23. lol Man came vote 4 me Says:


  24. lol Man came vote 4 me Says:


  25. bored person Says:

    how do you beat the game??????

  26. Влад Says:

    Ая по русский умею разговаривать

  27. Cadence sticky Says:

    HOW DO I KILL THE INDERWORLD DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. daniel Says:

    WERDDDOOO vc não é bom vc é mau

  29. Roxanne Says:

    HOW DO U KILL THE GUY ON THE SECOND FLOOR? He’s the only one i can’t kill.

  30. miyshyia Says:


  31. Sherry Says:

    The games won’t load. I’ve been playing casuality halloween but the others won’t play. What do I need?

  32. stickman Says:

    Check you have the latest flash. Aside from that i’m not sure why you would be having problems as they do load for others. Sorry we can’t help you any more than that!

  33. erik Says:

    como pasa do nivel 1

  34. im not telling you Says:

    i finished the whole game in 56 seconds no lie!!

  35. Roger Says:

    oh yeah of course you finish the game in 56 seconds ^o)

  36. lisa Says:

    класс!я напишу, а меня наверное никто не поймет :D

  37. Роман Says:

    Я пойму!!!

  38. David Says:

    Opa, zerei em 51 segundos os 3 níveis juntos :D DD
    FÁCIL !

  39. timur Says:

    я тоже русский и я тебя пойму 54 сек.:)

  40. Pain Says:

    Easy or Facil!

  41. jur Says:

    me lo pase en 29 seconds

  42. Ryan Says:

    why doesn’t it work!? mine wont load and all i get is a black screen! WHAT GIVES?!?!?

  43. stickman Says:

    Try and refresh the page, that should fix it

  44. rebecca Says:

    only 3&4 WILL PLAY why??? :(

  45. stickman Says:

    3&4 of Which game?

  46. Math Says:

    have been trying too but I only get a black screen!!!
    Have refreshed some dozens times, does not solve the problem….

  47. stickman Says:

    Hi, it’s a problem with the bored servers, they are aware of this and are fixing it.

  48. roger Says:

    poque não carega

  49. Mike Toreno Says:

    This is nice!!!

  50. kendall dublin Says:

    level 1

    first click the guy that is on the edge of the roof. he will fall and die. then click the pointy thing thats next to the other guy on the roof. the pointy thing will fall on him and kill him. on the first floor click the computer rapidly. the guy using it will get frustrated and punch it. then he will lay back on the wall to the elevator. now here is where i got mixed up. no matter what u are doing if u see a guy come out a door on the first floor watch him go up the elevator. he will go to the second floor and talk to his boss. now hurry and while he talkin to boss click him or the papers on the desk. the guy standin should fall and make the papers slip. the boss will get mad and kick the guy out. he will go back into the elevator. when he is on the first floor click the red button on the elevator so that the elevator stops but for the part i am about to tell u you will have 1 second!!!! to do it. the guy leaning on the wall will fall into the elevator and as he does click the rope holding the elevator and both will die but make sure the first guy dont get out or all is doomed. if u did this correctly then there should be 3 people left. click on the picture on the wall of the second floor. the boss should go and fix it but he will slip on the papers on the floor because hes so mad. now click the yellow thing on the roof of the first floor that is above the last two people. the yellow thing will fall on them and they will die. YOU WIN!!!!

  51. kendall dublin Says:

    need help? post the level with the world HELP and i will post a walktrough in the comments

  52. kendall dublin Says:

    i mean word

  53. dexter Says:

    help level 2

  54. olivia Says:

    i need help on level twooooo !!!!!

  55. Caleb Says:

    Level 1 Derections:Click the Computer Screen 3 times or so. When the Guy Does to the Office Click the Stickman’s Head, He Will Slip. When the other guy Falls in the Elivator Cut the Wire by Clicking it. Make the Stickman on the Roof Fall off the Building. Click the Pole Thing Next to the Stickman on the Roof the Other.Finally You Click on the Light to Make the Light Fall Down and Squish the Stickmen Non-Dead.
    Level 2 Derections:Click the Brick. Click the Construction Guy’s Hat to make it fall off.Make the Guy Poop By Clicking the Guy’s Head.Click the 2 Cracks on the Cealing to kill him when the Guy jumps. Flush the Toilet by Clicking the String to Kill the Construction Guy.Click the Sandwitch. When the Plane Comes Click the Plane Alot of Times as fast as you can to kill the last one.

  56. Assassin007 Says:

    I need help on level 3

  57. Josh Says:

    help level 3

  58. );( Says:

    how do i kill the guy
    at the desk

  59. cameron Says:

    how do you pass the army base ?

  60. Matsu Says:

    Cameron: primero alumbras al que esta fumando, luego de que tumbe un tanque y se dirija a una de las bases tirale encima un barril
    ya que llegue la camioneta detras de un pequeño mostrador de la entrada hay un cable, cuando la pluma suba para dar entrada a la camioneta cortalo
    saldra un monito de entre 2 bases de la izquierda y otro de entre unas cajas, al monito que salio de entre las cajas tirale en arma para que el otro monito vaya a ver que le pasa y ahi tira las cajas
    esos 2 monitos tiraran una granada y se mataran y mataran al que esta arriba en el observador.


  61. butterfly Says:

    how do you do level three

  62. stickman Says:

    With some clicks and patience!

  63. amy Says:

    level 1:
    click computer lots of times
    a guy will go in elevator
    click speech bubble of guy when he goes into 2nd floor
    when man’s face turns back to black click picture in room
    he will walk over, slip, and die
    guy goes down elevator, other guy falls in,
    click elevator wire,
    click light where 2 guys are standing.
    on roof click guy on left 1st then a post near 2nd guy.

    level 2:
    click bricks supporting stick,
    click roof of toilet (on both sides) over occupied cubicle.
    click guy on toilets face, he will poo,
    click guy in sewer’s helmet
    flush chain
    click sandwich
    click guy in hang glider

    Level 3:
    click big light
    guy runs and knocks over barrel
    click barrel at top back behind where the light rests
    when boom barrier opens click wire
    small guy comes, click on his hands
    click pile of crates
    click little bomb that appears near crates.
    game is complete

  64. Causality Turns 4! Says:

    [...] Causality [...]

  65. Harrystick Says:

    This is so easy!

  66. Harrystick Says:

    I’m finished this game

  67. marry Says:

    I´m angry porcar entroy!!X(

  68. Cindy Says:

    I love causality please make more

  69. mario Says:

    im stuck

  70. b-mann Says:

    dumb computer oops i guess i will go die :,)

  71. b-mann Says:

    ahhhh pooop i guess i will kill my self

  72. HOWWW Says:

    How do i do 3rd lvl?

  73. matthew0012 Says:

    Haw do you do level 3

  74. George Says:

    Can anybody help with level 3? I dont knoww what to do!

  75. brooke Says:

    How do you kill the guy siting on the toilet on level two?

  76. stickman Says:

    Causality Walkrough will help you.

  77. KitKatCoolGirl Says:

    The last one is easiest! O.o :3 :)

  78. katrina Says:

    help me at level 3

  79. mary Says:

    Whats with the Ouch! message!? I finally got level three and it won’t go further…. Grrrr…. >.<

  80. Duck Says:

    I dont see the little bomb by the pile of barrels that all of you are talking about!

  81. bhbyd Says:

    я тоже русская для русских напишите как пройти 2уровень убить сидящего на унитазе

  82. MRHAPPY12 Says:

    walkthrough for level 1 first click the guy on the left and then the guy on the right quickly. then click the guy on the computer 4x and wait until another guy comes out of the door. when he is at the guy with the desk click him after he starts talking. then click the elevator button (the green dot) and it will turn red click the picture and it will tip.
    then click the elevator button again and when it gets to the bottom click the black string and then click the light
    thanks for listening!

  83. Aeroxns Says:

    Level 1:
    Click the computer 3 or so times he will then rage and break the computer then when the guy that gets in the elevator gets up stairs by the desk then click his head his boss will rage and tell him to get out then click the painting in his office and he will go to fix it and trip and then he will hit the desk and die then when the on the bottom floor is leaning on the elevator click the wire that is holding the elevator up and they will both die then click then click the light above the two guys on the bottom floor and it will fall and kill them both and then click the guy who is on the top of the building on the left and he will fall to his death and then click the metal thing on the right and it will fall and kill him and now you have beaten the first level.

    Shorted Version of Level 1

    •Click the computer in till it breaks
    •Click the guys head at the desk
    •Click the painting
    •Click the wire on the elevator
    •Click the light on the bottom floor
    •Click the guy on the left at the roof
    •Click the metal thin on the right
    •Level one complete

    Level 2:
    Click both of the sides on the top of the toilit and then click the bricks on the roof and then when the guy tries to run over the wood he will trip and kill himself and the guy waiting at the door of the tolit then click the stick figures hardhat who is in the sewer then click the guy who is on the tolits head he will then poop then flush the tolit and the poop will hit the guy in the sewer and kill him and then click the guy on the benches samwitch and then when the hang glider comes by keep clicking on him in till he hits the guy who is looking at the ocean and then they will both die and you have beaten level 2

    Shorten Version of Level 2:

    •Click the sides on the roof of the tolit
    •Click the bricks
    •Click the hardhat
    •Click the stick figures head
    •Click the stick figures samwitch
    •Click the hang glider
    •Level 2 completed

    Level 3:
    Click the light in the watchtower and then it will shine over one of the stick figures and he will then run and knock over a red barrel then he will run the other direction he will pass two more red barrels click on the top one he will then die and then a truck will come there is a switch in the bottom left corner when the stick allowing the truck to come in goes up click the lever then the truck will smash right threw it and because there is no light the truck driver won’t see the barrel and he will hit it and blow up and then when a stick figure comes out from the middle of the tents click his hands in till he drops something that gets the other stick figures attention then click on the boxes and one of the stick figures will throw a grenade and it will blow up and kill both of them and the guy in the watchtower and you have beaten level 3!

    Shorten Version of Level 3:

    •Click the light
    •Click the red barrels
    •Click the lever
    •Click the stick figures hand
    •Click the boxes
    •Level 3 completed
    •Game Finished

  84. krazychicka Says:

    I can’t figure out how to kill the guy on the 2nd floor!!!!!! This is driving me krazy!!!!!!

  85. krazychicka Says:

    HELP! Level 1.

  86. krazychicka Says:

    No longer stuck on 1 or 2, now I’m stuck on 3! HELP!!!

  87. milly Says:

    can anyone tell me what order it goes in :)

  88. milly Says:


  89. vishwa Says:

    Lovely game… i like it

  90. Howard Says:

    I there sound along with the Video walkthrough?

  91. john smith Says:

    how do you freaking kill the construction worker and the bathroom guy on level 2

  92. StickFan Says:

    I can’t kill the guy with the sandwitch! I know that you have to click on the air glider but I can’t do it. Plus, I can’t view the stupid walkthrough. I can kill the rest though

  93. Joe Says:

    How do you kill the boss!!!!!

  94. adrian Says:

    this is to easy

  95. Vtr Says:

    No se como matar el de la computadora.. Diganme comoo?:/

  96. waqar Says:

    office person not correcting the pic every one dies but he is not leaving his chair

  97. Marian Says:

    how do i freaking kill the guy in the bathroom -.-

  98. miniplaysHD Says:

    you see the upon the guy in the bathroom 2 scratches klick them and theil become bigger and the guy upon will run and fall killing the guy next the bathromm and thee roof will fall and killing the guy IN the bathroom but dont forget he needs to poop first and flusch and the guy in the underground: klick on the helmet and then flusch he will die of poop xD

  99. miniplaysHD Says:

    level 3: klick teh light 2 times and the guy smoking will run and crash in the barels he will run the other way now klick the arels and this will crush the smoker.. then a guy will come with the car. when the gate opens klick the wire next to the gate and the light will turn off and he will explode by the 1 barel in the way. now a other guy comes to see what happend and a 2. guy with a gun klick the gun and the 1. guy will come help then klick the boxeson the down right next to the tower and the 2.guy will throw a grenade.. it will explode and will kill all 3 guys. END OF GAME :D

  100. miniplaysHD Says:

    how to kil the boss.. its easy. the guy go ing in the elevator will meet the boss klick his head and he will fall throwing all papers on the floor…. wait untill he is back in the elevator…now you now how to kill the computer guy and the boss meeater :D kill the other 2 guys drinking a cup of coffee.. now finally klick the picture next to he boss he will stand up and slip on the papers and dies…… You see its soo easy :D

  101. Deman Says:

    Your link to the walk-through is broken. It keeps returning to this page. Also there seems to be no way to kill the guy on toilet in lvl2.

  102. stickman Says:

    Sorry, its fixed now. Please use this Causality Walkthrough

  103. Roach Says:

    Easy game….don’t need any walkthrough to do it.

  104. kyle Says:

    how its this game

  105. lily Says:

    hw to u kill the guy in the toilet,??? in level 2
    im stuk someone help, plz!!:)

  106. lily Says:

    wat now:| i’ve done al three levels ……:| now wat!!!!????
    im lost

  107. ron Says:

    How do you kill the guy upstairs?

  108. lily Says:

    I can’t kill the guy on the second floor. Help!!

  109. James Says:

    How do you get pass the 2 lvl

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