Causality Halloween

Causality Halloween Double, double toil and trouble! Are you ready for some stick trick or treating?! Witch and ghost make merry on this last of dear October’s days, and this Year, brings a particular treat specially for all our monster and zombie lover causality fans.

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Causality Halloween Horror

In celebration of all hallow’s eve, we come from the darkness, dressed in orange and black to present to you *drumroll* …. Causality Halloween Horror! Mwahahahaha! (Evil laugh)

Help an innocent, hard-working plumber become the victim of bad luck and turn into an iconic Halloween creature. Wait, what? Holy Radioactive swimming-pools, Batman! Yes, it will not just be stickmen but also stick-creatures galore! And it is your task to help them bring chaos to the rest of the “normal” functional characters.

Amongst the new characters in this one level, one time only installment of Causality, you will find two nice trick-or-treaters in full costumes looking for some candy, as normal stick-kids do for Halloween. What they dont know is the series of unfortunate events that will come their way if you play all your clicks right.

And what is it with the person up top in the attic? You can help them work on their costume… or are they looking for something else? Also, what is the mom so annoyed about? There’s only one way to get all the answers to these questions. Play and find out!

It’s creepy, spooky and its Halloween in stickworld, so you are best to play Causality Halloween Horror ON midnight Halloween day, as there will be some scary hidden surprises for that day only.

Fear not! Dont be a scaredy cat, and join in the chilling action! Enjoy Causality Halloween Horror while you can, as it will only be available to the general public for a limited period of time. Fire burn and cauldron bubble its Causality Halloween time!

131 Responses to “Causality Halloween”

  1. joe123 Says:

    hey when the causality halloween will be out? 31 october?

  2. joe123 Says:

    pls tell me i’m wanna it now :)

  3. jared Says:

    when do i get to play it

  4. stickman Says:

    On Halloween!

  5. stickman Says:


  6. jared Says:

    wanna play it now thogh

  7. stickman Says:

    We are in final testing

  8. jared Says:

    whos compleated causality 1,2,3
    oh and road rage

  9. James Says:

    Hii when is it coming out coz it says on the 31st and it is so is this game comin out ?????

  10. James Says:

    well then u guy’s ? i am desperate to go on it !!

  11. Tango Says:

    Awesome, love this series.

  12. ian Says:

    when is causality halloween horror open.WHEN:)

  13. stickman Says:

    Right now!

  14. stickman Says:

    It’s live now

  15. stickman Says:

    It’s alive!

  16. Sabrina Says:


  17. Serial Stick Killer Says:

    How do u kill the guy covered in toilet paper?

  18. Timz Says:

    click on the moon

  19. Jess Says:

    Easy :D . I did it in 44 secs.

    To kill the mummy/toilet paper guy, you press the clouds near the moon.


  20. steven Says:

    genial me encanta causality

  21. proatcausality Says:

    91 seconds beat that

  22. jack Says:

    i beat it in 40 seconds beat that

  23. filip Says:

    how do u kill the pumpkin guy? pls help

  24. CheesySmiles Says:

    Click on the plumbing dude when he is near the pool, click the suitcase in top room, click sizzors and stereo in 2nd floor, click on Candy Bags on first floor and Click on Moons To Kill the Toilet paper guy (Not in that order though)

  25. CheesySmiles Says:

    LOL Chatting is fun! =)

  26. Данил Says:

    Мой рекорд прохождения игры 45 секунд

  27. Alex Says:

    Cool 44 secs beat that

  28. alexis Says:

    46 secondes

  29. Данил Says:

    Прохождение на Youtubli

  30. giel ndabene Says:

    Got 43 seconds on that and I DID NOT CHEAT!!!!!!!

  31. stickman Says:

    Wicked, good job!

  32. pivot Says:

    vacan este game , cortate mal y te mueres joder

  33. pivot Says:

    ja ja ja monos de palo tomen su merecido por ser malos cabrones

  34. mason Says:

    i beat it in 34 seconds beat that!!!

  35. bethany Says:

    messed up dude…..but fun=D!!!!!!

  36. bethany Says:

    got 40 sec =p

  37. tiaa Says:

    hw do you kill the old lady

  38. abdullatif Says:

    an amazing game who made this game i like it and same like a magic games .

  39. hasnain Says:

    there are more casuality one casuality !!! casuality 2 casuality 3 casuality haloween turkey casuality ther are 6 casuality to complete .

  40. stickman Says:


  41. Jase Says:


  42. Jase Says:

    easyyyyyyy finished in 45 secs

  43. Help! Says:

    I need help for killing the pumpkin man and the mummy man

  44. Help! Says:

    oh. helper. I found to kill them. Never make them enjoy the treats.

  45. mikerulezu Says:

    41. its good. you cant do it faster than 40 tho.

  46. Jase Says:

    i will try it (shhhhhhhhhsssssssssssshhhhhhh) *dramatic pose*

  47. Luke Says:

    Where’s the Walkthru???!!!

  48. stickman Says:

  49. tyler Says:

    my favrote is causality 2 level 2 because the man screms like a girl!

  50. tyler Says:

    can you make another causality?

  51. stickman Says:

    We are Causality 4 !

  52. vivienne Says:

    you kill the mummy dude by clicking his head and the moon and stuff and the moon will b clear and a wearwolf will eat his head off

  53. jack Says:

    i used to be awesome at this game but now i suck

  54. Jase Says:

    never ever suck at games u like beause u will hate it (ddddddduuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh)

  55. Sayfa Says:

    GOSH…………i love dis game!!!!<3 <3…..n killed all in 46 sec!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D

  56. william Says:

    i killed them all in 45 seconds i feel so accomplished

  57. Amy Says:

    did it in 39 seconds beat that
    :D easy

  58. Amy Says:

    (^^^) :D :P :) 8-| EASY i love all the causality games

  59. Amy Says:

    :P whooo

  60. parsa Says:

    I realy like it but i can’t save it or stealing

  61. causalityuborfan Says:

    you should make causality christmas this year!

  62. causalityuborfan Says:

    and make stick santa come down from the chimny and one of the cookies can get poisoned if you do the right clicks and stuff and the fireplace ends up burning down the house and one of the presents is a toy helicoptor which beheads one of the children and stuff!

  63. Brenda Says:

    i beat it in 50 seconds its good but not great right?

  64. sticklover Says:

    can not beat this =( hlep!

  65. sticklover Says:

    :D oops i mean can not beat this =(help! sorry :D still :-(

  66. sticklover Says:

    yo well so you should read these in the day not at night! =D so this is sticklover out!

  67. sticklover Says:

    This is sticklover with the wether in the next five days in Sunnyvale on saterday it will be 81 on sunday it will be 82 on monday it will be 75 on tuesday it will be 75 on wednesday it will be 75 thursday it will be 79

  68. sticklover Says:


  69. sticklover Says:

    :D :-) :? :shock: :evil: :-(

  70. sticklover Says:

    :shock: YES!!!! wait lets see here :P and :p go!!!! i hope :-(

  71. sticklover Says:

    YYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  72. sticklover Says:

    well goodbey stickman killing fans

  73. daniel Says:


  74. James Maslow Says:

    completei todos os causalitys 1,2,3,4 e os outros

  75. causality game lover Says:

    omg omg i love this game it rcks beat it in 35 seconds easy yet hard :D kinda difficut bc my cat was attacking screen while i was playing it… then he was attacking my arms… not a pretty site…

  76. Cadence sticky Says:

    why do we have to kill em they are just getting their costumes ready for halloween

  77. daniel Says:

    wy you lose your time to read this ?

  78. daniel Says:

    45 seconds wow

  79. daniel Says:

    causality kid day >:)

  80. daniel Says:

    giel ndabene : L.I.A.R it is inpossibleeeeeeeeeeeeee

  81. daniel Says:

    q bom James Maslow não perguntei

  82. DawsonAllen Says:

    i think you should make a causality zoo version

  83. dagoddness Says:

    38 seconds beat that

  84. danny Says:

    easy peasy 43 seconds :D

  85. danny Says:


  86. danny Says:

    peter griffan smiley face (dont work but its a joke) :) 3

  87. danny Says:

    oops ment : D3

  88. david Says:

    me ajuda a detonar ai

  89. amanda Says:

    esse negocio não quer carregar
    que saco pq pq pq ?

  90. raphael Says:

    tah parado que porra

  91. erik Says:

    o timz says eu acliquei na lua e não acontessel nada!

  92. erik Says:

    agora acontesei! oloco você vio a cara do bicho!!!!!

  93. benbolt504 Says:

    OMG! I DID IT IN 20 SECONDS!!!! must be a glitch.

  94. erik Says:

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees 67segundos!!!!!!!

  95. wooohoooo Says:

    woohoo I did it in 64 second!!!!!!

  96. comedor de duda Says:

    consegui ferra aq

  97. Gumball Says:

    i canot figure out how to get those two guys who eat candy out of there its hard

  98. adf Says:

    entero penca

  99. mikisino50 Says:

    come si uccide il ragazzo con la zucca

  100. i am Says:

    i 52 second

  101. i am Says:

    beat my score later
    i 47 second

  102. i am Says:

    47 second is good ok :)

  103. Данил Says:

    43 sekonds sorry a am not speak english

  104. Frederick lee Says:

    how do we kill the kids thats all i need help with!!!????

  105. rogelioburgo Says:


  106. Caleb (the Computer genius) Says:

    50 Seconds!

  107. erik Says:

    como voces mandam carinhas amarelas???????????????????????

  108. colton (the computer wiz) Says:

    Really you need help killing the kids?!

  109. erik Says:


  110. melissa Says:

    ha try to beat 41 seconds!

  111. Joseph Lover Says:

    53 seconds!!!!!!

  112. dj Says:

    39 seconds ha try to beat that

  113. Daniel Tosh Says:

    How the hell do i kill the stupid pumpkin guy and the grandma and the scissors asshole.

  114. stickman Says:

    Try out walkthrough if you get need help

  115. me Says:

    how do u kill the pumpkin kid

  116. abel david Says:

    es chido lo que no puedo pasar del cuando el monstruo cae abajo y se come a la viejita unanse al juego

  117. lequao mijo no meu carrao Says:

    aqui so tem americano jogando T_T

  118. Grant Says:

    i got it in 257 sec. but when i clicked the moon the toilet paper guy never died the wolf just stood their and it said i won

  119. HAHABITCHES!! Says:

    i beat it in 38 sec. beat that LOSERS….!!!

  120. causalitygame Says:

    walkthrough: on the guy with the scissors. the baggage on the cabinet on the 3rd floor.
    3.when the children are there at the door, click on the 3rd and 4th candy bag. it will spill and the old woman will get it and give it to the children.
    4 when the truck is there, when the stickman reaches the pool click on him-

  121. causalitygame Says:

    45 seconds

  122. newscreenname910 Says:

    cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

  123. Lord Voldemort xD Says:

    32 second, haha, BET THAT YOU FOOLS!!!!!

  124. awesomeness Says:

    22 seconds!!!!

  125. awesomeness Says:

    ha ha lord voldemort!

  126. jarik2004 Says:

    мне кажиться или правда? o_O :D LOL

  127. kyle Says:

    how good stickman

  128. jessie Says:

    88 seconds. easy but i had to do it twice cause i didnt press the moon at the same time

  129. eliya Says:

    i love this game it is nice

  130. Kitty Says:

    how do u kill the pumpkin guy?

  131. moudi Says:

    50 seconds. I am a noob

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